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Thursday, 31 March 2016

Effect Of Growing Reservation

 Today instead of removing reservation, government is giving reservation and celebrating. As we see in the image that how much happy Manohar Lal Khattar is. Reverse is happening that is instead of removing reservation they are giving reservation. Very funny that on the downfall of progress in India they are celebrating. Our country need educated people for the progress not the people who came up with the help of reservation but the people having ability.
Jats are given reservation because they did violence and from here conclusion comes "violence is the key to get the demands fulfilled. But not true. Today jat did violence for reservation and tomorrow other caste people will do violence and what will government do ??? Government will accept all the demands instead of taking strict action who are doing violence. Violence is very bad. Government should give shoot at sight order if any body found doing violence. From here it is clear that reservation is given to the people who are having ability to do violence. Do violence and get reservation. But this is very bad for us and our country. Violence is always bad. We should always follow the path of non violence. The father of our nation Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi also said, following the path of non violence is the best method to get our demands fulfilled if they are important and good. Violence  always leads to blood shed.
God made all the people equal and that is why all should be treated equal.
Reservation was given to Indians many years ago and there was a condition that this reservation will for only 10 years but due to some selfish politicians this rule failed. They increased the time period of this caste based reservation system. today is two friends are discussing about reservation system then war begins between them if they belong from different categories. The one will favor this caste based reservation system and other will oppose. Like this the war begins. To stop this it is very important to erase the name of caste based reservation system from India. It is very important for the countries development. Reservation should be given to those who are poor and need reservation. It is very unfair done to general category people. There are many general category people who are poor and this reservation system act as speed braker in the path of achieving their goal. Instead of demanding reservation jats should demand for no reservation. People demanding for no reservation shows that people is educated and wants equality.

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Saturday, 26 March 2016


Why reservation if all are equal. SC, ST, OBC and other backward classes all are having two eyes, one brain, two legs and two hands then why they are given reservation? To delete this reservation system, everybody should raise this question. Today India in getting  divided on the basis of caste, religion and sex, and it is rightly said that united we stand divided we fall. Which means till we are all together no power of universe can defeat us and if we are divided any one can defeat us.

In future this reservation is going to make India handicapped, by making the officers who are not capable to handle. There should be no reservation on basis of caste. Reservation was introduced to remove poverty but now it is not, reservation is being misused. Now reservation is creating poverty in general category. People who are rich they are also taking benefits of reservation. Day by day general category students are getting depressed and going in wrong side to earn money.

Do general category students are having the brain of 100 kg and other backward classes are having 40 kg brain? The answer is absolutely no. Then why reservation for them. This caste discrimination is dividing all Indians. One day it will lead to big war among Indians. Actually reservation is not reaching the people for whom they are really intended. It will be very insulting if a student who got 40% marks and taking the interview of student getting 90% marks. Think this situation on you , if this happened on you then how you will feel. Government just want votes as in India population percentage of SC category is more as compared to other. Please understand that our India want only capable people for development not disabled persons for development of India.

PLEASE discuss the methods to remove reservation, give views and share this post who are in favour so that more and more people can read about it.

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Saturday, 19 March 2016

Harmful Effects Of Reservation

In India there was caste system. In which Indians were divided on the bases of caste. People belonging from low caste were treated as untouchables. But when India got independence in 1947 this caste system was abolished according to constitution of India and declared untouchability as crime. Which was for 10 years but after every 10 years politicians renew it. In 2006 a great protest was done against reservation known as Indian Anti-Reservation protest. But no result came.
What will happen if students who are getting 40% get selected for good posts in government jobs and where as students who are scoring 90% are announced as fail. If this continues then the day is not far when India will ruinate. For example :- What will happen if our government decided to send 100 Indians to space out of which 35 are SC, 25 are OBC, 20 ST, 10 HANDICAPED, 4 minority quota and 1 ASTRONAUT only if possible.
Today total percentage of reserved category of persons working in these institution is about 50% and the Central government has given the 5% reservation to the physically disabled people who have 40% or more disabilities.As a result several unreserved or general category communities has started demanding reservation and this can lead to bloodshed and revolution. It is believed that India has lost its pace for the development due to the reservation in India, because more capable persons are not offered the places which they deserved to.
Today Hard working and talented people are cheated. The general category students(including me) SAY'S that the harm of the reservation is the loss of opportunity. 90% of us would be studying at better colleges if there would be no reservation. In reality people are enjoying reservation, there are many general category people who are poor and many reserved category people who are rich and then also they are enjoying reservation policy. Reservation should be only given to financially backward class. Students from upper caste are so much depressed due to reservation and are committing suicides.
Let there be no caste or community based organization or groups.
Let there be no sign of caste or community in the names of people.
Create a environment in which all people are equal and no division on the basis of caste.


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Thursday, 17 March 2016

facts about reservation in india

reservation is one of the most active topics in India. when reservation was proposed in India the condition of some castes was very poor and even untouchability as present in most areas of India. they were economically and socially very poor and were exploited by the higher rich and powerful casts. they were exploited in every area by many means . India was going through a very major social problem and leaders were failed to handle this situation. then only one man was there with solution who was Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar .they introduce reservation in India according to the contemporary situation and fitted best to the situation . with passing of time the condition of these casts completely changed . now they are not living in miserable condition and they have good source of income also . even now they are living with special social rights like according to fr article no 17 they have right against exploitation and social exploitation but they are demanding more and making the system failure .even politics is not active on this . now its is time to lift over this reservation and there is no need of reservation in fact .because they are acquiring job for which they are not applicable and who are applicable mostly lies in general category which is the largest part of this country's population and of democracy as well .now see this concept == as you know every thing has its negative effect as well as positive and Albert Einstine have also said that everything in universe lies in pair of opposite. and the same effect is in front of us now . when India wants intellectuals there are unable and stupid worker on the posts that resulting in poor performance red tapism unresponsiveness and corruption.

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Tuesday, 15 March 2016


Reservation on the basis of caste is becoming a big problem of today's world. It is possible to give a break to it. As nothing is impossible. Some thinks that it is impossible. Who are TOTALLY WRONG. I agree that reservation was a boom in old days but now it is becoming curse. The purpose is complete for which the reservation was given and now the time came to remove it totally.
It was the method to remove poverty but now it is not that. WE SAY all Indians are equal but it is not true. Every ONE is divided on the basis of caste. Which is resulting in inequality among Indian.
Reservation are not actually reaching the people for whom they are really made. Today it has became a slogan for the political parties to win voters from the backward classes. This clearly evident in this “Quota Raj”. Reservation today is not just an affirmative action, but has became a mean of getting more benefits. As a matter of fact, the scope of reservation has enlarged to an quit extent.
Today the percentage of SC, ST, and OBC in government institutions have risen sharply, the total percentage of reserved category of persons working in these institution is about 50% and the Central government has given the 5% reservation to the physically disabled people who have 40% or more disabilities. Now several unreserved or general category communities has started demanding reservation and this can lead to bloodshed and revolution. It is believed that India has lost its pace for the development due to the reservation in India, because more capable persons are not offered the places which they deserved.And the people who don't deserve they are given place.
Reservation is like playroom which are always prove to be a handicap for the deprived section of society. India does not need handicapped people to achieve its goal of super power, but need people with ability who can represent it an global arena.
In end I would like to say that reservation has no solution, especially in higher education and professional collages. As a matter of fact, proper facilities of education and incentives should be provided at the level of school education, so that children coming from backward community are able to stand on both feet.

 At last i want to say that reservation is a curse which is dividing our country on the basis of caste. We need to be united not reckon with as “UNITED WE STAND – DIVIDED WE FALL”.

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Caste reservation is right or not.