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Saturday, 30 July 2016


In today's time there should be no reservation policy throughout the country. This type of caste discrimination is making India weaker and weaker. Government thinks that this reservation is good but it is not. Now days it is acting as curse on people of India. There are very less number of general category students in government jobs. Reservation on the basis of caste is the big reason for the increasing poverty. There are so many SC category people who are very rich and still taking the benefit of reservation. Reservation is CORRUPTION done to general category students by the ministers to fill their vote banks. They think if they remove this caste based reservation then they will lost votes from the categories who were reserved. This is the only reason that why reservation policy didn't came to end. It is very difficult to bring reservation to end. But nothing is impossible. We can do anything with our willpower, strong determination and our genius minds. The only thing is UNITY. It plays a big role in bringing the reservation policy to end.A single person can't do any thing. We all have to raise voice against caste based discrimination and demand for reservation free India. According to statement of HDR minister Smriti Irani on december 21, 2015, -63 students had failed in various Indians Institutions of Technology or IITs in the academic session 2014-2015. When I read the statistics I was shocked taht out of 63 students failed, only 8 belonged to general category, rest were all from reserved i.e. 9 from OBC, 30 from SC, 16 from ST. Students belonging to reserved categories are highly favored in the entrance examination even with very less marks than the general category candidates. They fail in the academic examinations due to equality of checking of answer-sheets. Had equal merits were considered for admissions. Then only the creamier students would have been selected. This is one of the precedents of scrapping this unfair practice bod en educational and professional fields. I believe that there should no more reservation done on the basis of caste. This reservation policy is only dividing us and creating inequality.

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Wednesday, 27 July 2016


Reservation in India is curse on society. It is dividing Indians on the basis of caste and also creating misconceptions, discrimination, fights, inequality and many other wrong things which is responsible for downfall of India and Indians too. How will a country grow if there will be so many differences among there people. The main thing that India needs for development is "NO RESERVATION ON THE BASIS OF CASTE." Today at every spot there is reservation, if we go to fill exam form then there is reservation i.e. If a other category than general wants to fill exam form then they have to pay have the amount paid by the general category student and again after that in exam if general category student scored 80% then he is not selected for interview but if a SC category student scored 40% marks then he is selected for interview. This reservation policy only in India made the condition of general category student worst. India is becoming hell for general category persons. This reservation system makes us believe in caste and if there will be no category then there will be peace and equality. Every general category student has one voice that is reservation free India. Demand is genuine and must be listened. The day is not far when there will be bloodshed for reservation. Today jats did violence and they got reservation and tomorrow other will do violence for reservation. The only solution is to make India free from reservation done on the basis of caste. Corruption is also a big problem which is growing due to reservation. Poverty is also increasing between general category people due to reservation. The seed for the downfall of India is only reservation where persons who are selected on the basis of caste not on the basis of ability. If selection will be done on the basis of ability then only hardworking and brilliant persons come up. Which will act as boom for India as well as society.
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Sunday, 24 July 2016


"Equality is the soul of liberty; there is, in fact, no liberty without it."
Today a general category has to work much harder then the one who belongs to quota category. A general category student has to face reservation in every thing. While filling an application form for the entrance exam, the application fee is biased, where reserved categories students has to pay half the amount payed by the general category students. Now again in cut-off there is reservation. Where a general category student has to score 90% marks there a reserved category student has to score only 40% marks. In the result there is again reservation, as the general category students get seats only if they secure the highest marks, for there are some reserved candidates in the open list also. After the result of an examination, no matter whether a general category student is selected or not, but an applicant securing very less marks than him/her and getting into the same college just on the basis of his/her caste can not be considered as equality. Thereafter in the hostel, many government-aided and private institutions allot hostel allocation in Lucknow university but it was being immorally done this year, which enraged the parents this year. Media reports also said, many students even complaint that their college allow the issuing of books on the quota basis. General category students are not allowed to get good quality books, which is claimed to be reserved for certain category students. This is very shameful. Education is common right for everyone, so we cannot deny someone because they do not take birth in reserved categories. God made us equal, we all are people of god. Reservation was initially needed to finish the practice of untouchability and caste discrimination in jobs and in colleges. It must be researched that we need this system today or not. But nobody researched as this reservation is a strategy of vote banks politics to lure particular masses. In our constitution it is clearly written that "No citizen shall, on grounds only of religion, race, caste, sex, descent, place of birth, residence or any of them, be ineligible for, or discriminated against in respect of, any employment of office under the state." It deals in matters of public environment. Reason behind framing the constitution into a democratic republic was to ensure that the representatives are chosen on the basis of, what they are and what they can do for the development or betterment of the citizen of nation. It does not indicate that a person should be treated on the basis of surname that follows his first name. In the name of providing reservation to the socially oppressed, we are crushing the talent of those people who can bring better results with their hard work, but rejected because of their general category. A general category student has to work twice harder that who belong from reserved in any job or any college. This caste based discrimination will only create inequality in citizens of India. If you agree then read more posts and share and also comment your opinion.

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Tuesday, 19 July 2016


Reservation has only and only bad effects in today's time. It is creating inequality in today's generation and making India hollow. Think what will happen if a 40% scorer is becoming manager and a 90% scorer is working that manager. At that time feeling is worst. Due to this anger starts coming in us among different casts. Reservation is killing India. Each Indian should raise their voice against reservation to ban reservation. I don't understand why our politicians don' think of it which is a big problem. Today general category people are becoming poorer so now government should give reservation to general category people and snatch reservation from other categories. But we don't want, we want only equality. A general category student ability is killed by politicians. Which will prove very harmful for India's future. The only solution will be bloodshed. Now we all know that jat made violence and they get reservation. From here we came to know that violence is very important to get our wishes fulfilled. DO VIOLENCE AD GET ALL YOUR WISHES FULFILLED. But violence is worst method. It will only destroy peace and waste of money. Today the voice of every general category people is reservation free India. We should together raise our voice against reservation. Single person cant do any thing. This caste discrimination is filling Indians brain with bad thoughts about their country. Government should understand our feelings. Now the time is not same as it was before. Every thing changes with time but this reservation policy is same as before. The changes which should be done to this reservation policy is that government should give reservation to one who really needs it not on the basis of caste. If this discrimination is not given brake then there is no time left when Indians will fight among themselves for reservation. Government thinks that giving reservation is progress for India but that is wrong in today's world. People do not believe in caste and why they believe in caste discrimination. People will start believing in caste if this discrimination is soon not stop by our politicians. Reservation given to different caste people is injustice done to general category people. All are equal then why reservation. Time is changing and we should change our thing also. But there is no change in thing of Indians. They think as same as they think before. This reservation is the method for the politicians to fill their vote banks, WHICH WILL PROVE VERY HARMFUL FOR THE INDIA'S FUTURE.

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Saturday, 16 July 2016


Today the voice of every general category student is to stop the reservation ant it is 100% correct. As they are demanding their right of equality. Nobody can stop us and we want positive answer. A single person can't do any thing in this world, will have to unite and then fight. As real power is in unity. Without unity our country rating is zero. As this reservation policy is creating differences between people. Today the number of other category people in government jobs is increasing day by day and general category students are becoming negligible, very hard to find. We should try to remove this reservation from our country by the method of non violence as is is proved to be the best method by our countries famous personalities like Mahatma Gandhi and many others. This method also gives the best results as compared to violence. This reservation policy is creating differences among friends, neighbors and people of same locality. It is possible to remove reservation from our country but it requires lot of hard work and strong determination. We also know that hard work is the key to success. Which means if we do hard work then only we get success. If you find any one or two then you will also see that those persons are only doing their work well as they came up on the basis of ability not reservation. If this reservation system come to end then everyone will work hard to get job as competition also increases and there will be peace in the minds of general category students. All the categories will become one and there will be love among each other. Today people made different thinking about different category people in their minds. Which is creating divisions among each other. It is said that all are equal but it is complete wrong. We are dividing us on the basis of different categories and creating disunity. This reservation system is the big root of growing corruption in the country. And the whole country is coming in trap of it. Today a general category person has to score 90% marks where as a SC category student has to score only 50%. This is a big discrimination done to the people of Indians. All are the people of India and all are having one brain. All are people of god and should be treated equal. General category people are reaching to poverty line due to reservation. Students are filled up with jealousy because of reservation. In my every post the main thing is equality and unity among Indians.

                                           STOP RESERVATION
                                                                                     STOP RESERVATION


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Reservation has a very bad effect in today's world. It is stuffing people with jealousy and creating inequality between the people of different casts. This caste based reservation system should be abolished now. This reservation system is filling the hearts of Indians with revenge by the method of violence, which is not good.  At starting reservation on the basis of caste acted like boom to the society  but now it is only harming the people and creating differences between them. Today nobody believes in caste but this caste based reservation system is forcing the people to believe in it. In India there are many people who belong from general category and are very poor, what will they do. This reservation based on caste should be given to those who really need it, not to the people who belong to particular caste. When we are children then we don't know much about this reservation system and we don't think it of. We are only friends of one category but when we grow up we see different seats are reserved for different categories like SC, ST etc. At that time our friendship breaks and we start thinking of reservation. This start making differences among Indians. This is a big effect of reservation. If this reservation system is completely removed then our coming generation will not think about it and there will be equality among all the Indians. Soon the time will come when reservation word will vanish from our India and all the Indians will live peaceful life in equality. This reservation acted like boom for 10 years, when this reservation system started but now it is a curse on our society and people. Those who wanted to progress they did in starting only. Now the reservation is the method for the political parties to fill the votes in their vote banks. They are afraid that if they removed this reservation then they will not get votes from the categories who were given reservation.  Reservation became profit and loss statement for politics today. This reservation system will led to violence in coming days. And we will not get any solution. Government should thing about this matter as it is a serious issue. The coming future with reservation is dull and black for our growing country. Strict action should be taken against is reservation and in favor of general category people. Today make no relation with different category people and this is creation inequality among people. This is a big problem now a days. What is the benefit of reservation if it is dividing us, creating inequality and leading to violence among each other? It is having only and only bad effect. So action must be taken.


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Thursday, 14 July 2016


Reservation on the basis of caste is BIG curse on society in today's time. It is dividing us on the basis of caste. Differences are increasing day by between friends and many people. Only INDIA is facing this CORRUPT reservation policy. No other country is having this foolish policy that's why they are unite and doing progress. India is getting handicapped day by day with this reservation policy as what will happen if a man who scores 40 % marks in becoming manager and a person who scored 80% is not even getting the job of clerk. This will make India handicap only. Reservation is creating differences in friends, neighbors and the people to whom we daily meet. Time is changing every single second but this reservation on the basis of caste is same as it was before. This reservation was given for ten years but till now it is same. It is done very bad to us. The mission for which reservation was given that is complete now, then also reservation is there.  All are having one brain. Have you imagined what will happen to a general category person when the person who scored less than him is becoming the head of him? The situation is very painful. God made us equal and there should be equal rights for every one. This reservation should be BANNED and then if any body demands for it then he should be given punishment. This is a good way we can protect and help India to grow. Position should be given on the basis of potential, talent and capability NOT on the basis of RESERVATION. Today demanding for reservation free India is very good. We should think of people who are very poor and can't do progress on their power due to reservation. Unity is the big thing which is required in every field for progress and the same case is for society and India. Today general category students are not getting good jobs due to this reservation that's why reservation is filling hearts of Indians with thought of revenge which can lead to violence. To stop this, strict action should be taken otherwise the day is not far when people will fight with each other. Some will fight to get reservation and some will fight to remove this evil. The percentage of SC category students is increasing in good colleges and government jobs and the percentage general category student is decreasing. This reservation policy is a big reason for violence, inhumanity and many bad things. Giving break on reservation in today's time is very important to maintain peace among all.


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Wednesday, 13 July 2016


There are different methods to stop reservation but they requires a lot of hard work, strong determination, will power and the main thing is UNITY. If all of the Indians unite and fight against the reservation on the basis of caste. Then no power can stop us. Demanding for reservation free India is a very good thing. When India will be free from reservation on the basis of caste then there will be one category, unity and competition among all the Indians. Today reservation is killing the ability of a very intelligent person and differences among friends also increases. Due to this reservation a general category student is filled with negative thoughts that he can't get job, job is only for low category students etc. Which is very wrong. The question comes that IF WE DO NOT BELIEVE IN CASTE THEN WHY WE BELIEVE IN CASTE RESERVATION?? We should say BIG NO to the reservation. Then only India will progress and become a good country. Reservation is a curse which is making India hollow and one day it will break into pieces if this reservation system is not stopped. There are many rich who belong to low category and are still taking the benefit of reservation whereas there are many general category students who are poor and are not able to progress in their life due to reservation. If this reservation system is not stopped then we are so near of the day when Indians will fight among themselves and then there will be only disunity. Today the voice of every general category student is reservation free India. THE RULES should be SAME for all. We are living in modern word and thinking is like of old people.

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Monday, 11 July 2016


In today's time day by day general category student condition is becoming worse due to some foolish rules. It is very difficult or say impossible for general category student to get a job and admissions in good colleges. If a general student has to take 90 marks to appear the test the the SC category student has to score only 45 marks. This will lead India to down fall. It also leads to lack of confidence.Today we also see that government schools are not so good as compared to private schools as in private teachers are taken on the basis of ability where as in government schools teachers are taken on the basis of category not ability which is a big draw back. I agree that this reservation policy acted as boom for India on older day but now if it is not given brake it will destroy India. All are having equal brain then why discrimination. Instead of giving reservation government should remove it and make one category. It will lead to equality in citizens and also lead to peace of mind and tension in general category students which is increasing day by day with this discrimination on the basis of caste. Which come forward us when we have to take admission in good collage and give entrance test but we can't. India is backward in many field, if India overcome this reservation problem then we will see India only rising up. The day when India will become reservation free country will be remembered by all and treated as holiday. All the persons living has two eyes, Two legs and one brain. Or our science proved that general category students are having two brains. Then why discrimination. God make us equal then question comes why reservation???

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Saturday, 9 July 2016


Reservation is a corrupt system in India which is dividing India on the basis of caste. Today life of general people become hell due to this reservation policy on the basis of caste. The day is not far when Indians will fight with each other other due to this caste based discrimination and there will be no equality among Indians. Imagine how you feel if a student scored very less than you and he is made the head of you due to caste based discrimination. It is very painful condition. The only thing that comes in the mind of that person is to suicide or to kill who made this reservation where people are given rights by birth. Reservation is a open corruption done by politicians and they try to remove corruption. They are not seeing it. It is a big cause behind progress of India and Indians. If people are given rights by ability then people with ability come forward and try to do best. Then there will be big progress and one day India will be at the top of the world. This reservation system was given to uplift backward classes and it act like boom to the society. Many Indian are benefited by this. But now if it will continue then this will become curse on India as well as Indians. Indians are migrating from India due to reservation policy which is big downfall for country. At last I want to say now the time is over when reservation can do good to country and now there will be only negative effect of reservation on India.

Thursday, 7 July 2016


Reservation means the action of reserving some thing for some body. Today every general category student is under the trap of reservation. This reservation in killing the equality between Indians and it is dividing Indians on the basis of cast. There should be no reservation and no cast, if it will happen then there will be a new category which will be called category of equality. There will be no discrimination on the basis of caste and will be equal. Now number of government employs are increasing day by day who belong to low category due to this caste discrimination. And these government employs restrict the entry of high category people as they want the people who belong to their category. In today's world there is no meaning of reservation on the basis of caste. Nobody thinks of caste when he is in school and when he came out from the world of school then he saw the real world which is named as the world of reservation on the basis of caste. Where a man with ability is rejected as he belonged to high caste in which there is no mistake of him. I am fully against this system, where a man is given rights before birth. In past this reservation system was started by Dr. BR Ambedkar for 10 years as economic condition of low category people was not good but now this problem is solved and now this foolish reservation system should be stopped. God made every person equal but we divided our self on the basis of caste and if there will be no caste discrimination  then there will be no caste. Then only one caste will belong which will be called caste of equality. Today so many politicians are aware of loosing votes from low category people do not take right decisions. They are politicians who should think only good for all the people living in their area. One person can not make change in India, we all will have to join hands and demand for reservation free India. Through this speech of me I am sue that you came to understand what I want to say.


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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

How to stop reservation??

Today so many people who are facing this reservation thinks only one question that how to stop reservation?? I am also a person who belongs from general category and wants to ban this reservation policy. Now through this topic you will came to know that how to stop reservation in India.
Due to lack of knowledge and uneducated people, is also a big reason due to which reservation is still in our country. When educated people will come forward  and demand for reservation free India is very important. It is not possible if we all are not together. Every person has to raise voice against this reservation system, which is harming India. India is a country where nobody listens if people don't do violence but this method of violence is not good. Non violence is best method. This reservation system is hurting many Indians from inside but a single person can't do anything, he needs support. So many students suicide due to reservation system as people who scored less than them are given admission while people who scored good are rejected.. This reservation system is destroying ability of people to do good. Government should ban reservation and if anybody demands for reservation then he/she must be sent to jail. People wants to remove corruption but reservation is itself a corrupt system in which disabled are selected for government jobs while abled are rejected, It is a open corruption done. What will happen if a student who scored 50% marks to become doctor is selected and a student who scored 80% marks is rejected. It is a big down fall of our country.



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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

switch off reservation system in India

Reservation should be switched off for country bright future. Bright future points at removal of reservation. Don't think that I am saying wrong to you people, but I am saying that this system is not correct. This system was for 10 years for the upliftment of backward classes but now it is OK. Now India is grown up and it should be given new rules. If this reservation system continues then there will no friendship between general category people and SC category people. We all will be divided and we all know united we stand divided we fall. Soon we will see war in between Indians due to reservation policy. If this continues. See how will you feel if you are a general category child and scored 80% marks and didn't get admission in good college while a SC category child who scored 50% marks get admission in good college. It is not fair. It is downfall of our country that a person with good marks is rejected due to his category, which is not his/her mistake. Now India is grown and we should also increase the thinking level of our mind. With time every thing changes and change is always positive. Today every general category people want a reservation free India. It is the voice of Indians. I saw many SC category people who are rich and still taking the joy of reservation system. Today rich are getting more rich and poor are getting poorer. ALL ARE PEOPLE OF GOD AND SHOULD BE TREATED AS EQUAL.

                                           SAVE INDIA    SAVE BHARAT

                                                    JAI    HIND.


Sunday, 3 July 2016

Ban reservation policy.

This reservation policy should be banned otherwise it will destroy India. The day is not far when people start fighting against reservation policy. There will be no equality in anyone. Today who scored 50%  marks is the head of the student who scored 90% marks. Where is justice? If reservation policy is not banned then the day is not far when India will be divided. God had made us equal then why we are divided on the basis of cast, religion. There is no mark on our body by birth which proves this caste system. Every educated people should demand for reservation free India  today, if he doesn't demand then he/she is not called educated.
I want to crack jee mains exam and I belong from general category.
Cut-off score for different category students is given below -
  • General category = 100
  • OBS-NCL = 70
  •  SC = 52
  •  ST = 48
This made my confidence level down. Does ST category students contain 48 kg brain and general category people 100kg brain. Answer is a big no. Rule are rules and should be same for every person living in that country. What will happen if this carry on. In future disabled person will go forward and do all the system corrupt. Here our country progress will stop and our country's position will fall among other countries. Why private sector is doing progress in every field???
answer - In private sector selection is done on the basis of ability not on the basis of category. Which is a big reason for progress and development whereas on the other hand government wants people having low category. There is no value of ability of employs for government. If we go in any government bank or any other place we will see only low category people. Only few are general category. And we will also only general category people do their work good as compared to other.
So give rise to reservation free India instead of demanding for reservation. And the method of demanding for reservation should be of non violence as it is the best method of demanding for reservation. But very few understand this. People do violence. They don't know the side effects of violence. Violence will only waste of money of our own country. So we should demand for reservation free India by the method of non violence. This also shows that the people are educated. So be educated and behave educated.

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Wake up indians....

Its the time to wake up Indians if you want your country to grow among other countries otherwise we will be back in the whole world. Every one has to raise their voice against reservation. No reservation for any one. Come forward on the basis of ability not on the basis of reservation. Reservation is eating India and making it hollow. This reservation policy is forcing the people to do wrong things. Like collection black money. India will not become good. Reservation was for 10 years but now it is permanent. What is this??? God made us equal and there should be equal rights to every one. Private tuition should be ban. How smart it can be to reserve seats at graduate and post graduate levels? Is it intelligent to reserve seat in in medical school for  student just because she is from backward class? Do you know what reservation does, it only replaces qualified candidates with the unqualified candidates. India can do good without reservation if the economically weaker people are given more help at primary level.
My brother is preparing for IAS exam and after getting inspired about this exam I saw details of this exam and I saw that general category students can apply for this exam only 4 times where SC category people can apply for it unlimited times. When I saw this my inspiration go to hell. Not only this SC category people has to score less as compared to general category students. This made my blood boiled but I can't do any thing except trying to open the eyes of people about reservation system in India. Today if any bod wants to take admission in a good collage there are many seats reserved for SC category students and only fewer than few seats are available for general. This reservation system is itself corrupt and government is removing corruption. what a jock government is doing. Corruption is in front of government and government is giving rise to it by giving reservation to Jats. In my above post i well described about how government is celebrating giving reservation which is a very big issue. Instead of demanding for reservation free India  jats demand for reservation. It is funny. 

Friday, 1 July 2016

Reservation is killing India

India is the only country which is with reservation, where people are given rights from birth on the basis of caste. Reservation is the only reason which is responsible for the down fall of our country. If our government remove this reservation policy then in the coming one year government will see 90%  progress in country. As people with ability to do will come forward not disabled. This caste serves as the main factor for reservation in India some times other facts like religion may take part. Reservation was good in old days but today there is no need those who wanted to do progress they did and now the time came to quit it. Now if we want reservation then it must be done on the basis of prevailing economic status and not based on the status of our living. Also this reservation should be given to those children whose services need to be canceled. Today education is basic need and elementary and secondary education is must for children. So the government  should set up special teacher groups that can correctly assess the financial situation of the student at elementary and secondary level. Administration needs to make sure that education at grass roots remains the same. If it can not afford private tuition for its backward classes then it must make sure that forward class avail it either. 
I want to tell about my brother in this blog. My brother belongs from general category. He did lot of hard work to crack PO exam. Finally he cleared the exam but his name came in waiting list and he was very very upset. Then he called me and told full story that what happened with him and his name came in waiting list. he also said me that i am going to do suicide.  Then I was shocked. I said don't worry and try again and i also inspired him. Then he again tried and finally he cracked the exam. After 2 months he become perfect employ in bank and manager of bank also takes advice from him. Now he controls bank like a manager.
As he came in front due to his ability not on reservation system.
Think if reservation is removed then only  people with ability will come forward not disabled. 
India will be able to do more without reservation at graduation and post graduation level if the economically weaker are given more help at primary level.

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Caste reservation is right or not.