Best and last method to end caste reservation

Caste reservation is the program to protect oppressed caste of India from caste discrimination. But its not true in today's time people don't believe in oppressed caste, time has changed but we haven't. Caste based reservation is the only reason for caste discrimination. If there would be no caste then there will be no caste based discrimination. Today caste based reservation is helpful for some but not for all. My friend belongs to OBC caste. When i asked my friend about caste reservation and also asked to discuss his views about caste reservation that whether it is right or not and what you think about it. He said that caste reservation in not right but if you are getting benefit you will not deny taking those benefits. So methods should be taken to quit caste reservation.
 In this post i will tell you the best method to remove caste reservation. By following this method we can remove caste reservation but firstly we have to discuss all the aspects that can be done for …


Reservation is a corrupt system in India which is dividing India on the basis of caste. Today life of general people become hell due to this reservation policy on the basis of caste. The day is not far when Indians will fight with each other other due to this caste based discrimination and there will be no equality among Indians. Imagine how you feel if a student scored very less than you and he is made the head of you due to caste based discrimination. It is very painful condition. The only thing that comes in the mind of that person is to suicide or to kill who made this reservation where people are given rights by birth. Reservation is a open corruption done by politicians and they try to remove corruption. They are not seeing it. It is a big cause behind progress of India and Indians. If people are given rights by ability then people with ability come forward and try to do best. Then there will be big progress and one day India will be at the top of the world. This reservation system was given to uplift backward classes and it act like boom to the society. Many Indian are benefited by this. But now if it will continue then this will become curse on India as well as Indians. Indians are migrating from India due to reservation policy which is big downfall for country. At last I want to say now the time is over when reservation can do good to country and now there will be only negative effect of reservation on India.

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