The speech on caste reservation

Reservation is reserving something for somebody and caste reservation is reserving rights for people on the basis of their caste. Indians are divided into different caste which are scheduled caste (SCs), scheduled tribes (STs) and Other backward class (OBC). In caste reservation people are given reservation in jobs, reservation in application form fee, reservation in college fee and reservation in many more places by birth on the basis of their caste. This system was introduced in India to remove poverty. And this system worked very well when it was introduced. But now it should be not any more. This system was started in 1954 in the favour of STs, SCs. And after that in 1980 this system was introduced for OBCs too. In the old days SCs and STs where treated very badly by the other caste people. They were called untouchables and people don't to even drink water from them. That was very unacceptable. At that time caste reservation was introduced and did very best. But now it is 201…


Reservation means the action of reserving some thing for some body. Today every general category student is under the trap of reservation. This reservation in killing the equality between Indians and it is dividing Indians on the basis of cast. There should be no reservation and no cast, if it will happen then there will be a new category which will be called category of equality. There will be no discrimination on the basis of caste and will be equal. Now number of government employs are increasing day by day who belong to low category due to this caste discrimination. And these government employs restrict the entry of high category people as they want the people who belong to their category. In today's world there is no meaning of reservation on the basis of caste. Nobody thinks of caste when he is in school and when he came out from the world of school then he saw the real world which is named as the world of reservation on the basis of caste. Where a man with ability is rejected as he belonged to high caste in which there is no mistake of him. I am fully against this system, where a man is given rights before birth. In past this reservation system was started by Dr. BR Ambedkar for 10 years as economic condition of low category people was not good but now this problem is solved and now this foolish reservation system should be stopped. God made every person equal but we divided our self on the basis of caste and if there will be no caste discrimination  then there will be no caste. Then only one caste will belong which will be called caste of equality. Today so many politicians are aware of loosing votes from low category people do not take right decisions. They are politicians who should think only good for all the people living in their area. One person can not make change in India, we all will have to join hands and demand for reservation free India. Through this speech of me I am sue that you came to understand what I want to say.


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