Reservation in India is curse on society. It is dividing Indians on the basis of caste and also creating misconceptions, discrimination, fights, inequality and many other wrong things which is responsible for downfall of India and Indians too. How will a country grow if there will be so many differences among there people. The main thing that India needs for development is "NO RESERVATION ON THE BASIS OF CASTE." Today at every spot there is reservation, if we go to fill exam form then there is reservation i.e. If a other category than general wants to fill exam form then they have to pay have the amount paid by the general category student and again after that in exam if general category student scored 80% then he is not selected for interview but if a SC category student scored 40% marks then he is selected for interview. This reservation policy only in India made the condition of general category student worst. India is becoming hell for general category persons. This reservation system makes us believe in caste and if there will be no category then there will be peace and equality. Every general category student has one voice that is reservation free India. Demand is genuine and must be listened. The day is not far when there will be bloodshed for reservation. Today jats did violence and they got reservation and tomorrow other will do violence for reservation. The only solution is to make India free from reservation done on the basis of caste. Corruption is also a big problem which is growing due to reservation. Poverty is also increasing between general category people due to reservation. The seed for the downfall of India is only reservation where persons who are selected on the basis of caste not on the basis of ability. If selection will be done on the basis of ability then only hardworking and brilliant persons come up. Which will act as boom for India as well as society.
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