Reservation has only and only bad effects in today's time. It is creating inequality in today's generation and making India hollow. Think what will happen if a 40% scorer is becoming manager and a 90% scorer is working that manager. At that time feeling is worst. Due to this anger starts coming in us among different casts. Reservation is killing India. Each Indian should raise their voice against reservation to ban reservation. I don't understand why our politicians don' think of it which is a big problem. Today general category people are becoming poorer so now government should give reservation to general category people and snatch reservation from other categories. But we don't want, we want only equality. A general category student ability is killed by politicians. Which will prove very harmful for India's future. The only solution will be bloodshed. Now we all know that jat made violence and they get reservation. From here we came to know that violence is very important to get our wishes fulfilled. DO VIOLENCE AD GET ALL YOUR WISHES FULFILLED. But violence is worst method. It will only destroy peace and waste of money. Today the voice of every general category people is reservation free India. We should together raise our voice against reservation. Single person cant do any thing. This caste discrimination is filling Indians brain with bad thoughts about their country. Government should understand our feelings. Now the time is not same as it was before. Every thing changes with time but this reservation policy is same as before. The changes which should be done to this reservation policy is that government should give reservation to one who really needs it not on the basis of caste. If this discrimination is not given brake then there is no time left when Indians will fight among themselves for reservation. Government thinks that giving reservation is progress for India but that is wrong in today's world. People do not believe in caste and why they believe in caste discrimination. People will start believing in caste if this discrimination is soon not stop by our politicians. Reservation given to different caste people is injustice done to general category people. All are equal then why reservation. Time is changing and we should change our thing also. But there is no change in thing of Indians. They think as same as they think before. This reservation is the method for the politicians to fill their vote banks, WHICH WILL PROVE VERY HARMFUL FOR THE INDIA'S FUTURE.

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