Wake up indians....

Its the time to wake up Indians if you want your country to grow among other countries otherwise we will be back in the whole world. Every one has to raise their voice against reservation. No reservation for any one. Come forward on the basis of ability not on the basis of reservation. Reservation is eating India and making it hollow. This reservation policy is forcing the people to do wrong things. Like collection black money. India will not become good. Reservation was for 10 years but now it is permanent. What is this??? God made us equal and there should be equal rights to every one. Private tuition should be ban. How smart it can be to reserve seats at graduate and post graduate levels? Is it intelligent to reserve seat in in medical school for  student just because she is from backward class? Do you know what reservation does, it only replaces qualified candidates with the unqualified candidates. India can do good without reservation if the economically weaker people are given more help at primary level.
My brother is preparing for IAS exam and after getting inspired about this exam I saw details of this exam and I saw that general category students can apply for this exam only 4 times where SC category people can apply for it unlimited times. When I saw this my inspiration go to hell. Not only this SC category people has to score less as compared to general category students. This made my blood boiled but I can't do any thing except trying to open the eyes of people about reservation system in India. Today if any bod wants to take admission in a good collage there are many seats reserved for SC category students and only fewer than few seats are available for general. This reservation system is itself corrupt and government is removing corruption. what a jock government is doing. Corruption is in front of government and government is giving rise to it by giving reservation to Jats. In my above post i well described about how government is celebrating giving reservation which is a very big issue. Instead of demanding for reservation free India  jats demand for reservation. It is funny.