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Monday, 15 August 2016

We want INDEPENDENCE from reservation

Today it is very difficult for a general category student to get admission in good college and also good government job in India. It requires a lot of hard work as compared to other category people. Today every general category student demands Independence from caste based reservation. It is very  important and good for Indians as well as India. Now reservation on the caste is only creating differences between Indians. In past days reservation acted as thunder for Indians, As at that time Indians were not so much educated and backward classes were not treated in good way. But today all the Indians are educated and demand for reservation free India, which is our right. This reservation policy was made by DR. Bhim Rao Ambedkar who was an Indian jurist, economist, politician and social reformer. This policy was for only 10 years for the development of backward classes. But today it become the method for politicians to win the votes from backward classes. Which results to decline in India's development. Now the other category students are becoming rich and still taking the benefits of reservation and general category students are moving below the poverty line but no body listens. I think that if any politician will raise voice to stop reservation then he will not be elected and he will lose.
Today so many brilliant students are migrating from India in search of good jobs and income, which they are not getting in India and that is lose of power, prosperity and status to India. If this system continues then there will be no brilliant people in India who can uplift the country. The major cause behind the development of India is Reservation. Development of India is the development of Indians, which is only possible only if this reservation system is eliminate from India.
Today  39% of doctors in US are Indians
35% of NASA scientists are Indians
33% of Microsoft employees are Indians
29% of IBM employees are Indians
17% of Intel employees are Indians and
12% of total scientists in US are Indians.
But still India is backward. And this is because of our selfish politicians who encourage RESERVED more than DESERVED.


A) selection is done on the basis of caste
B) selection is done on the basis of ability

In the coming years this reservation system will lead to wars among Indians and create differences. People do not make relationships with other caste people. Some do not like to talk to the caste which do not belong to their caste. Differences between friends increases due to caste reservation. If your friend who belongs to SC category scores 60% and you scored 80% but you belong from general category then the first preference will be given to student who scored 60%  as he belongs from reserved category. This give rise to differences in friends and also forces them to believe in caste reservation system. At every point general category students are attacked by reservation system, if he wants to fill the form then he face the reservation and again at the time of selection he faces reservation. where a SC category gives 100 rs to fill the form there a general category has to give the double of amount paid by SC category student. CASTE BASED RESERVATION SYSTEM made the LIFE of GENERAL CATEGORY  STUDENT hell.

I think there should be no caste. There should be only one caste that is caste of equality. If this happens then power of unity will make India grow. There would be no fights on the basis of caste, no discrimination and competition among all the Indians increase, which will lead to selection on the basis of ability and finally India will show progress in every field. WHY PRIVATE SCHOOLS ARE DOING progress ?
ANSWER is here, as in private schools tutors are selected on the basis of ability, not on the basis of caste. And ability leads to progress, Whereas in government schools, first students has to crack the test, which is based on caste then they are made teachers. RESERVATION is BLOT on Indian society. It is making India hollow like as termite do to wood.
It is very vigilant to general category people when some one scored less marks then him but he is ranked high due to caste. We all are people of god and god made all equal.
I was shocked when my brother told me the statistic of number of employees working in bank who belong to different category. Only few out of so many employees working in the bank belongs to general category. Due to reservation the number of general category people is decreasing sharply in government colleges and in government jobs. People demanding for reservation free India shows that he/she is educated and wants equality in country.
One day I was thinking that when number of general category people, living below the poverty line will increase then the government will give them reservation or not??

How good it will be if there will be no caste. All will belong to one caste, no reservation, no more fights on the basis of caste. But this is only possible if we get unite and take oath to remove reservation and make one caste. CASTE OF EQUALITY.
There is also a famous story based on equality. The story name is "father, his sons, and bundle of sticks." In this story a father has four sons, all four sons never do any work with unity, they always fights with each other. When father noticed this inequality then he ordered his son to bring the bundle of sticks and said his son to break it. Son tried but his efforts didn't give any fruit. Now father said to take out single stick and then try to break. Now son is successful to break that single stick. Then father gave him message that my sons do you not see how certain it is that if you agree with each other and help each other, it will be impossible for your enemies to injure you. But if you are divided among yourselves then you will be no stronger than a single stick in that bundle. From here moral comes is that strength is in unity. So we should also do work in unity and with equality then no body can harm us and we will do only progress.


 This article is published on 15 August, which is celebrated as independence day in India. So happy Independence day to all.

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Sunday, 7 August 2016

STOP caste based reservation

There is no space for caste based reservation in India. Poverty is increasing among general category as they are not getting good jobs due to reservation in India. All the jobs are captured by other category people. The purpose of giving reservation was to uplift the backward section of India and now the purpose for it is complete. But this caste based reservation has become the method of filling their vote banks. If any leader remove the reservation then next time nobody will vote him. Now the time came when every body wants equality but this reservation is becoming the middle stone. This reservation on the basis of caste create differences between friends, people living nearby houses and many other differences. Nowadays a general category student has to work much harder then other students who belong to other categories. India wants capable people to come forward not the students who belong from reserved categories. God made us equal and we should have equal rights. In coming 1 or 2 years people will start fighting for reservation and i am sure that when there will be too much bloodshed among Indians then reservation will be given. Stress among general category students is increasing day by day because of reservation. Jats did violence and they got reservation. Instead of taking strict action against jats government gave them reservation. That was the opportunity to the government to remove reservation which is making India hollow. All the problems of making India a successful country will get solved by taking the step towards reservation policy. Why only dalits are people of god, we all are people of god. All are having equal rights and should be treated as equal. At every step general category students face reservation. The first step towards removing reservation is UNITY. So join hands and raise voice against reservation.
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Caste reservation is right or not.