STOP caste based reservation

There is no space for caste based reservation in India. Poverty is increasing among general category as they are not getting good jobs due to reservation in India. All the jobs are captured by other category people. The purpose of giving reservation was to uplift the backward section of India and now the purpose for it is complete. But this caste based reservation has become the method of filling their vote banks. If any leader remove the reservation then next time nobody will vote him. Now the time came when every body wants equality but this reservation is becoming the middle stone. This reservation on the basis of caste create differences between friends, people living nearby houses and many other differences. Nowadays a general category student has to work much harder then other students who belong to other categories. India wants capable people to come forward not the students who belong from reserved categories. God made us equal and we should have equal rights. In coming 1 or 2 years people will start fighting for reservation and i am sure that when there will be too much bloodshed among Indians then reservation will be given. Stress among general category students is increasing day by day because of reservation. Jats did violence and they got reservation. Instead of taking strict action against jats government gave them reservation. That was the opportunity to the government to remove reservation which is making India hollow. All the problems of making India a successful country will get solved by taking the step towards reservation policy. Why only dalits are people of god, we all are people of god. All are having equal rights and should be treated as equal. At every step general category students face reservation. The first step towards removing reservation is UNITY. So join hands and raise voice against reservation.
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