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Thursday, 29 December 2016

Remove reservation and save India

Today India is in the trap of caste reservation system. In this system reservation in jobs, in education and many other fields are provided to some categories of India and the people who belong to other category rather than reserved has to suffer a lot.Today general category student has to suffer a lot due to this caste reservation system. Yes I agree that this reservation acted as boom to the society but today there is no role of it, there are only and only side effects of it. Government think that caste based reservation system is necessary as there are still many people who are poor and belong to reserved caste but there are also may general category people who are poor. what will they do. If government wants to give reservation then it should be given on the basis of economic status not on the basis of caste. Yes it is true that this type of reservation helped a lot to uplift scheduled tribes(ST), schedules caste(SC) and other back word caste(OBC) but today there is no meaning of caste reservation in India. We are taught from childhood that all are equal but when we come in the world of competition then we came to know what equality is, where a less scorer is considered first to other because of reserved category.The caste based reservation is the only reason why caste system is still continuing. If this caste based reservation quit then nobody will talk of caste and all the people of India will be known of one caste and that caste will be known as caste of equality.This caste based reservation has increased the gap between the hears of people who belonged from reserved category and the one who don not belong to reserved category people. Most of the political parties take the support of caste reservation to get more number of votes. Today the condition of reserved category people is better that the non reserved category people, due to this non reserved category people came under the trap of poverty. I think that no caste is big and no caste is small as all are having one brain, general category people are not given two brain then why reservation in education. It is injustice done to general category people as when this reservation was introduced then it was said that it for 10 years only but still now it is same. General category people keep on waiting that when this reservation system will quit. But till now no change occurred. If we pick up the news paper and see the news of employment then we see that many people who get employed are from reserved category because of caste reservation in jobs.We need proper and best education so that reserved category people came to know the side effects of reservation and they will raise the voice against reservation. All need to be one then only we can remove this bad system from India.
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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

say big NO to reservation

In today's world we should say big NO to reservation. This caste based reservation is like termite which made hole in the path of progress of Indians as well as India. Medicine is required to stop this disease if not then there is no time left when we will see fights among Indians and bloodshed will be there. Here medicine is saying big no to reservation. This is the first thing which we need to do to make some thing good in our country. This is the first step of progress for India. Reservation policy was made many years ago to uplift weaker section of society but now there is no need of caste based reservation. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar ji introduced this system to uplift weaker section of the society and he also said that this caste based reservation system will be for 10 years. But many years have passed after 10 years and still now this caste based reservation is in role today. To quit this policy we need best education and only best teachers can provide it. Then the people who belong from reserved caste will themselves stand and demand for reservation free India. When this day will come then there will be the last day of reservation in India. After that no body will talk of caste. All the people will be known of one caste. whether we are filling the exam, going to interview or any other thing. Then nobody will ask of caste the thing that all will ask is ability. I am waiting for that day and on that day i will be very much happy. Not me but all those who belong to non reserved categories who are facing this reservation at every place. Due to this reservation general category people came in the trap of poverty and many rich are taking the benefit of reservation system. Enough time has been given to the reserved category people to make their life good but this is the time of equality and everybody want as it is the right of common people. Demanding for equality is our right and nobody can snatch it from us. All the Indians will have to join hands in hands to remove this caste based reservation system which is being continued for many years. More than the enough time has been given to the people who belonged to the reserved categories has been given to do progress and now there is no need of it. We do not ask for reservation we only asked for equality. Every thing is changing with time the why this reservation policy is same as it was many years ago. This type of reservation made the life of general category people worst than hell. Single person can't bring change in society, all the people has to raise their voice then only we can reach our goal. There is no friendship between different category people, no marriage in different category people and many other thing that didn't happen between different category people. To do this right we need to stop caste based reservation.
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Tuesday, 27 December 2016

No need of caste reservation

In today's world there is no need of caste based reservation, there are only and only side effects of this policy on India as well as Indians. This reservation policy demoralize people who do not belong from reserved caste. This reservation was introduced to make something good in the country as in old days some categories were called untouchables like scheduled castes, schedules tribes and other backward class so to bring this condition normal caste based reservation was introduced in the country so that backward section can also progress. But today there is no need of it. It is only harming Indians as well as India. This policy is becoming barrier for the general category people to do good as many reserved category people are considered first than who belong to general category people. Poor people who belong to general category what will they do. At every place a general category people has to face reservation whether he has to fill the application form for any exam or score in the cut off marks. A general category person has to pay approx double the amount paid by the reserved category people and in cut off marks they have to score approx double as compared to the reserved category people. The aim for which this reservation policy was introduced is fulfilled now the time came to stop it or change this policy. Giving reservation on the basis of caste in not the right method to get progress, specially in today's time. We should give value to ability not to caste. If a general category student wants to get admission in a good government college then has to work very much hard to get admission some times it becomes impossible also. But for a student who belong to reserved category has to work not so much hard as general category people. Life of a general category student in education as well as employment is very hard. Think if this caste based reservation policy is removed from India then people with ability will come forward not the people with caste. Nobody will talk of caste. Then there will be only one caste and that caste will be known as caste of equality. No fights in schools among friends, no fights among neighbors and no fights in office among employs. The feeling is worst when a student who scores less and get the good position as compared to the person who scored more than that reserved person. If all the caste people will become of one caste then the generation coming in the next 40 years will forget about this caste based reservation. Then students will study this only in history books. And demanding for reservation free India by the method of nonviolence is considered best as there is no harm of government property and many other factors. All the people has to join hands in hands and become one and demand for reservation free India then only our dream of seeing India free from caste based reservation will come true. We will finally get result if we do hard work.
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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

All are equal

Today my topic is 'all are equal'. All the people living in India are equal. Nobody is intelligent or foolish.Then why reservation on the basis of caste. Now this reservation system only harms our country.Some people think to do violence and get their demand fulfilled of removing reservation but this is not good. Non violence method is best but it takes time and we need to be patient. Mahatma Gandhi Ji also said to always follow the path of non violence. So we should demand for equality by a right method. In old days reservation did very good to the country but today we do not need reservation. It will be good for our country to ban reservation or giving reservation to those who really need it. My meaning is that those people who don't have much money and not to think that from which category they belong. They should be given reservation. Otherwise this reservation will only create inequality in Indians. Some people are fighting and giving harm to our country to get reservation. India there should be one caste then equality will be there. Then no fights will be there on the basis of caste and all will live happy and India will also do a lot of progress as people who will come  forward on the basis of ability not on the basis of caste. Other wise reservation on the basis of caste will make hole in India like termite make in wood. If reservation quits in India then competition will also increase. Today if a general category person wants to qualify JEE mains exam then he needs 100 marks on the other side a SC category student needs only 45 marks. Not only in this exam there is reservation but in every exam a general category person has to face reservation. Whether it is UPSE or any other. Today we need to give proper education to those who think reservation is good then they will themselves say that this reservation is harming India and we don't  need reservation. We know that in old days there reserved category suffered a lot but today there is no need of it. God made us equal then why caste and caste based reservation. There are many general category people who are poor, what will they feel when they came to know about reservation. They will hate reserved category people which will harm our country. To make India strong we need to remove reservation. Then there will equality. And after 40 to 50 years people will forget about caste based reservation and nobody will hate each other. When this reservation was given then it was said that reservation  will be for 10 Years but till today it is same as it was before. Other methods done to make India good will be unsuccessful till we stop reservation. A single person can't do any thing we will have to join hand and become one then we will be successful. Hard work is required to achieve something nothing is possible without hard work.

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Sunday, 11 December 2016

Inequality due to caste reservation

One of the big reason of inequality in Indians is caste based reservation. This system is dividing Indians on the basis of caste. People of different caste did not marry and many other things people don't do as they belong from different caste. This is going from many years and now people from different caste hate each other. We can quit this system by removing caste reservation and creating one caste. And that cast will be known as caste of equality. This is only possible if all the Indians join hands and become one. Some people says that removing caste based reservation from India is not possible but today nothing is impossible. We can remove this wrong system from India with the help of unity and hard work. This reservation system proved to be good in old days but today it is not good, it is only harming our country. What will happen if 60% scorer is the head of 70% scorer. The person who scored 70% will feel very bad. He will die with shame. Today in competitive world most of the general category student became the target of caste based reservation, which divides Indians. In schools we are taught about equality that all are equal whether he is Hindu or Sikh. But in the real world it opposite. In real world it is taught that people are divided on the basis of caste. What bad a child has done if he takes birth in a general category family. But real world shows that it is bad to take birth in general category. Today friendship breaks due to caste, neighbor fights with other neighbor and in schools different category students do not talk to each other. This problem can be solved by removing caste based reservation. Regular speeches should be given about caste based reservation telling the bad effects of reservation to the people. So that the people who belongs to reserved categories stand up and themselves say that we do not need reservation. Proper and good education is very important to quit reservation system in India. Educated persons will came forward and demand India free from caste based reservation. Then the real competition will began and the people with ability will come forward not the people with caste. Today at any place before entering in education sector we are asked our caste first. If have to fill the application form for exam then we are asked for caste and at the time of paying fee of exam then we are asked about caste. General category students pay double the amount paid by the reserved category students. Quick action should betaken on the caste based reservation system which is dividing Indian on the basis of caste. If this cased based reservation is removed then equality will be there nobody will talk of caste and treated equal. Those who wanted to do progress they did now the time of equality is coming.

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Saturday, 10 December 2016

Ban caste based reservation

Caste based reservation system is one of the active topic in India. Every student who is studying talks about this topic. This caste based reservation is curse on India and Indian. This reservation stops us to get success with ability. Indians are divided into many caste like SC, ST, General etc. Many years ago government reserved seats in jobs and many other places for some categories, so that they can do good. As in old days lower category people were not so much concerned to studies and jobs but this reservation system made them concerned about study and jobs. Most of the reserved category students did well and become successful in their life. That was very good. But it was said that this reservation system will be for 10 years. But now many years have passed still this reservation system is same as it was before. Which is harming our country day by day. Reservation to some categories in jobs and many other places is itself corrupt. Today many hardworking people are suffering very much due to caste based reservation. India needs persons with ability not the one who belong from reserved category. All are are born with same brain. No one of us has two brains. This caste based reservation is creating inequality among friends, neighbors and Indians. Caste reservation divided all Indians in different categories. Some people start fighting to get reservation but it is not good. We should adopt the method of nonviolence. We should solve this topic as soon as possible otherwise it can do big harm to India. In India there are many people who are very poor and belongs to general category. What will they do. Those persons in reserved categories who wanted to do progress in their life they did and now the time came to stop it. If we want to even fill the application for for entrance exam we have to pay double the amount paid by the reserved categories people. And there is age relaxation for reserved category people. Today the one who scored 80% is rejected but the one who scored 70% is accepted. Why it happens. What the person will feel who scored 80%. This will hurt that person very much. Today condition is fully reverse as it was many years ago then why this reservation is same. Evey thing is changing with time then why this reservation system is same. This reservation system forces us to believe in caste. Some people did not even know what this caste is but when they go in higher classes they see competition and there they see how persons who score less get selected for good colleges and jobs. At that time they came to know that what caste is. This reservation system injured so many persons who belong to general category. To stop this system all the Indians will have to join hands in hands and then proceed for reservation free India. This reservation policy can be banned if we all Indians become one and try best with the method of non violence. To achieve any thing we have to do hard work and if we want India free from cate based reservation we will have to do hard work.

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Friday, 9 December 2016

Reservation impact

It is hard to say that we need reservation or not but there will be no perfect answer. But up to a stance we can conclude a normal answer that is reservation should be in a perfect manner. I want to say that reservation should be given to those who really need this. Today many people who are rich and are still taking the benefit of reservation, which is really bad. To remove reservation from base the main thing we need is education. More good is the education more the people will think about it. In stead of giving reservation we should provide proper education to children. When they will be educated then they will say that we do not need reservation, we are capable to without reservation. This reservation becomes stopper in the path of students success. Reserved category students needs only half of the marks needed by the general category people to crack the exam. And seats are reserved for SC, ST, OBC and many others. It is right that in the past time this reservation did very good to the country but today not. In old days due to untouchability, caste discrimination, etc.

This reservation system acted as boom to the country but now nobody believes in it. This caste based reservation forces us to believe in this system. At every point general category persons has to face this reservation. If he wants to fill the exam application form then he faces reservation by paying double amount as paid by the reserved category people. Then age relaxation and then cut off marks. At every step general category persons are surrounded by reservation. This reservation system needs a brake now, otherwise it can do violence which in not a good method to demand for reservation free India. If we says any reserved category person that reservation is not good then he starts fighting. My brother applied for banking exam and he qualified that exam. When I saw the statistics then I was shocked that very few general category people qualified this exam. Mostly belonged from reserved category. This process is going from many years. Now the time came to stop it. This shows that there is no demand of ability in India. There is only and only demand of reserved category. Every body should think that all the people on the earth are same all are having  two eyes, one brain, two legs and two hands then why partiality. If this carry on then we will see that all the are taken by reserved category people and there is no space for general category. I think that there should be no caste all should be equal and should get equal opportunities. Reservation should be given to those who really need it, not to all those of same category and the big thing is  method for demanding reservation free India should be non violence as it is the best method.

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Caste reservation is right or not.