All are equal

Today my topic is 'all are equal'. All the people living in India are equal. Nobody is intelligent or foolish.Then why reservation on the basis of caste. Now this reservation system only harms our country.Some people think to do violence and get their demand fulfilled of removing reservation but this is not good. Non violence method is best but it takes time and we need to be patient. Mahatma Gandhi Ji also said to always follow the path of non violence. So we should demand for equality by a right method. In old days reservation did very good to the country but today we do not need reservation. It will be good for our country to ban reservation or giving reservation to those who really need it. My meaning is that those people who don't have much money and not to think that from which category they belong. They should be given reservation. Otherwise this reservation will only create inequality in Indians. Some people are fighting and giving harm to our country to get reservation. India there should be one caste then equality will be there. Then no fights will be there on the basis of caste and all will live happy and India will also do a lot of progress as people who will come  forward on the basis of ability not on the basis of caste. Other wise reservation on the basis of caste will make hole in India like termite make in wood. If reservation quits in India then competition will also increase. Today if a general category person wants to qualify JEE mains exam then he needs 100 marks on the other side a SC category student needs only 45 marks. Not only in this exam there is reservation but in every exam a general category person has to face reservation. Whether it is UPSE or any other. Today we need to give proper education to those who think reservation is good then they will themselves say that this reservation is harming India and we don't  need reservation. We know that in old days there reserved category suffered a lot but today there is no need of it. God made us equal then why caste and caste based reservation. There are many general category people who are poor, what will they feel when they came to know about reservation. They will hate reserved category people which will harm our country. To make India strong we need to remove reservation. Then there will equality. And after 40 to 50 years people will forget about caste based reservation and nobody will hate each other. When this reservation was given then it was said that reservation  will be for 10 Years but till today it is same as it was before. Other methods done to make India good will be unsuccessful till we stop reservation. A single person can't do any thing we will have to join hand and become one then we will be successful. Hard work is required to achieve something nothing is possible without hard work.

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