Ban caste based reservation

Caste based reservation system is one of the active topic in India. Every student who is studying talks about this topic. This caste based reservation is curse on India and Indian. This reservation stops us to get success with ability. Indians are divided into many caste like SC, ST, General etc. Many years ago government reserved seats in jobs and many other places for some categories, so that they can do good. As in old days lower category people were not so much concerned to studies and jobs but this reservation system made them concerned about study and jobs. Most of the reserved category students did well and become successful in their life. That was very good. But it was said that this reservation system will be for 10 years. But now many years have passed still this reservation system is same as it was before. Which is harming our country day by day. Reservation to some categories in jobs and many other places is itself corrupt. Today many hardworking people are suffering very much due to caste based reservation. India needs persons with ability not the one who belong from reserved category. All are are born with same brain. No one of us has two brains. This caste based reservation is creating inequality among friends, neighbors and Indians. Caste reservation divided all Indians in different categories. Some people start fighting to get reservation but it is not good. We should adopt the method of nonviolence. We should solve this topic as soon as possible otherwise it can do big harm to India. In India there are many people who are very poor and belongs to general category. What will they do. Those persons in reserved categories who wanted to do progress in their life they did and now the time came to stop it. If we want to even fill the application for for entrance exam we have to pay double the amount paid by the reserved categories people. And there is age relaxation for reserved category people. Today the one who scored 80% is rejected but the one who scored 70% is accepted. Why it happens. What the person will feel who scored 80%. This will hurt that person very much. Today condition is fully reverse as it was many years ago then why this reservation is same. Evey thing is changing with time then why this reservation system is same. This reservation system forces us to believe in caste. Some people did not even know what this caste is but when they go in higher classes they see competition and there they see how persons who score less get selected for good colleges and jobs. At that time they came to know that what caste is. This reservation system injured so many persons who belong to general category. To stop this system all the Indians will have to join hands in hands and then proceed for reservation free India. This reservation policy can be banned if we all Indians become one and try best with the method of non violence. To achieve any thing we have to do hard work and if we want India free from cate based reservation we will have to do hard work.

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