Inequality due to caste reservation

One of the big reason of inequality in Indians is caste based reservation. This system is dividing Indians on the basis of caste. People of different caste did not marry and many other things people don't do as they belong from different caste. This is going from many years and now people from different caste hate each other. We can quit this system by removing caste reservation and creating one caste. And that cast will be known as caste of equality. This is only possible if all the Indians join hands and become one. Some people says that removing caste based reservation from India is not possible but today nothing is impossible. We can remove this wrong system from India with the help of unity and hard work. This reservation system proved to be good in old days but today it is not good, it is only harming our country. What will happen if 60% scorer is the head of 70% scorer. The person who scored 70% will feel very bad. He will die with shame. Today in competitive world most of the general category student became the target of caste based reservation, which divides Indians. In schools we are taught about equality that all are equal whether he is Hindu or Sikh. But in the real world it opposite. In real world it is taught that people are divided on the basis of caste. What bad a child has done if he takes birth in a general category family. But real world shows that it is bad to take birth in general category. Today friendship breaks due to caste, neighbor fights with other neighbor and in schools different category students do not talk to each other. This problem can be solved by removing caste based reservation. Regular speeches should be given about caste based reservation telling the bad effects of reservation to the people. So that the people who belongs to reserved categories stand up and themselves say that we do not need reservation. Proper and good education is very important to quit reservation system in India. Educated persons will came forward and demand India free from caste based reservation. Then the real competition will began and the people with ability will come forward not the people with caste. Today at any place before entering in education sector we are asked our caste first. If have to fill the application form for exam then we are asked for caste and at the time of paying fee of exam then we are asked about caste. General category students pay double the amount paid by the reserved category students. Quick action should betaken on the caste based reservation system which is dividing Indian on the basis of caste. If this cased based reservation is removed then equality will be there nobody will talk of caste and treated equal. Those who wanted to do progress they did now the time of equality is coming.

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