Impact of caste reservation on society

Caste reservation has a huge impact on people in today's time. But there is no doubt that in old days caste reservation played a big role to uplift weaker section of society. But in today's time there is no need of caste reservation. People wants equality  not reservation. If this reservation continues then there are many chances of bloodshed among people. We need is one caste for all the people. Actually we Indians are divided on the basis of religion, caste, etc. To which nobody believe in today time. People says that if they do not believe in caste then why they believe in caste reservation. If this caste reservation continues then discrimination will also continue. Meaning is so simple. This is the point which need to be improved. Due to this reason different caste people do not create relation between each other. Selection should be done on the basis of ability not on the basis of caste. Due to this general category people came in trap of poverty. We see that in most of the government offices who are employees belong to reserved category and the employees who are from general category are reducing day by day. Due to this problem many Indians are migrating from India to different country in search of jobs as there is no reservation and even there is no caste system. In today's time life of general category people in India is worth leaving especially those who belong from reserved categories.At every point general category student has to face reservation. Whether it is exam application form or take admission in college. Good colleges seats are reserved by reserved category people by scoring less that general category people. The one who scores less is given admission in good college as compared to the student who scored more than that student but the problem is category. The student who scored more belonged to reserved category and the one who scored less is from reserved category. Reservation is eating India like a termite. If the medicine is not applied then soon there will be many holes in India. Which will restrict further development. Today's generation wants equality not reservation. All the Indians need to be one to stop or quit this system. Handwork is best thing to achieve success. Without hard-work nothing is possible in this world. We need education to educate reserved category people so that they themselves stand and demand for reservation free India. Then our India will get free from caste based reservation. A small change can bring a big change in our country and the small change we need is our country free from caste reservation. People who agree can share and comment their views.

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