The speech on caste reservation

Reservation is reserving something for somebody and caste reservation is reserving rights for people on the basis of their caste. Indians are divided into different caste which are scheduled caste (SCs), scheduled tribes (STs) and Other backward class (OBC). In caste reservation people are given reservation in jobs, reservation in application form fee, reservation in college fee and reservation in many more places by birth on the basis of their caste. This system was introduced in India to remove poverty. And this system worked very well when it was introduced. But now it should be not any more. This system was started in 1954 in the favour of STs, SCs. And after that in 1980 this system was introduced for OBCs too. In the old days SCs and STs where treated very badly by the other caste people. They were called untouchables and people don't to even drink water from them. That was very unacceptable. At that time caste reservation was introduced and did very best. But now it is 201…

Time came to quit reservation

In today's scientific and advanced world there is no meaning of caste reservation. This reservation policy demoralizes people who do not belong from reserved caste. This reservation was introduced to make something good in the country as in old days some categories were called untouchables like scheduled castes, schedules tribes and other backward class so to bring this condition normal caste based reservation was introduced in the country so that backward section can also progress. But today there is no need of it. It is only harming Indians as well as India. This policy is becoming barrier for the general category people to do good as many reserved category people are considered first than who belong to general category people. Poor people who belong to general category what will they do. At every place a general category people has to face reservation whether he has to fill the application form for any exam or score in the cut off marks. A general category person has to pay approx double the amount paid by the reserved category people and in cut off marks they have to score approx double as compared to the reserved category people. The aim for which this reservation policy was introduced is fulfilled now the time came to stop it or change this policy. Giving reservation on the basis of caste in not the right method to get progress specially in today's time. We should give value to ability not to caste. If a general category student wants to get admission in a good government college then has to work very much hard to get admission sometimes it becomes impossible also. But for a student who belongs to reserved category has to work not so much hard as general category people. Now this reservation system only harms our country. Some people think to do violence and get their demand fulfilled of removing reservation but this is not good. Non violence method is best but it takes time and we need to be patient. Mahatma Gandhi Ji also said to always follow the path of non violence. So we should demand for equality by a right method. In old days reservation did very good to the country but today we do not need reservation. It will be good for our country to ban reservation or giving reservation to those who really need it. My meaning is that those people who don't have much money and not to think that from which category they belong. They should be given reservation. Otherwise this reservation will only create inequality in Indians. Some people are fighting and giving harm to our country to get reservation. India there should be one caste then equality will be there. Then no fights will be there on the basis of caste and all will live happy and India will also do a lot of progress as people who will come forward on the basis of ability not on the basis of caste. Otherwise reservation on the basis of caste will make hole in India like termite make in wood. We can quit this system by removing caste reservation and creating one caste. And that cast will be known as caste of equality. This is only possible if all the Indians join hands and become one. Some people says that removing caste based reservation from India is not possible but today nothing is impossible. We can remove this wrong system from India with the help of unity and hard work. This reservation system proved to be good in old days but today it is not good, it is only harming our country. What will happen if 60% scorer is the head of 70% scorer. The person who scored 70% will feel very bad. He will die with shame. Today in competitive world most of the general category student became the target of caste based reservation, which divides Indians. In schools we are taught about equality that all are equal whether he is Hindu or Sikh. But in the real world it is opposite. In real world it is taught that people are divided on the basis of caste. What bad a child has done if he takes birth in a general category family. But real world shows that it is bad to take birth in general category. Today friendship breaks due to caste, neighbor fights with other neighbor and in schools different category students do not talk to each other. This problem can be solved by removing caste based reservation. Regular speeches should be given about caste based reservation telling the bad effects of reservation to the people. So that the people who belong to reserved categories stand up and themselves say that we do not need reservation. Proper and good education is very important to quit reservation system in India. Educated persons will came forward and demand India free from caste based reservation. Then the real competition will began and the people with ability will come forward not the people with caste. Today at any place before entering in education sector we are asked our caste first. There are so many people who came under the trap of reservation in their life. Today due to reservation general category people has to do very much hard work to get job, admission in colleges and many other places. This created inequality among Indians and also filling Indians with bad thoughts. Today if a general category student has to pass the exam the he has to score high as compared to reserved category student. This is not fair. Now a days mostly jobs are acquired by reserved category persons. This reservation is not reaching the people who really need this. There are so many people who are rich and then also taking the benefit of reservation policy and there are many general category people who are poor and needs reservation. This policy was only for 10 years but still now it has not come to end. It is acting as curse on society as it is creating inequality between people of different caste. Creating jealousy and fights between Indians among people of India. There are many rich who belonged from reserved categories and still taking the benefit of reservation. This is creating poverty among people who belonged from general category. Today there is too much competition to general category. At every point general category people face this reservation policy, if we are applying for any exam then we have to pay double the amount paid by the reserved categories. Think what a person will do if he poor and didn't belong form reserved category. Here there is need of reservation. Reservation was initially needed to finish the practice of untouchability and uplift that section but now the reason for which reservation was given is fulfilled. Now it must be researched again that we need this system or not. Today the voice of every general category student is to stop reservation on the basis of caste, which is 100% correct. Many students especially who belong from general category are migrating from India as they are not getting good jobs as per their qualification. In starting this reservation policy acted as boom to the country but now it is not. Mahatma Gandhi, who is known as father of nation also said, always follows the path of non violence and you will definitely get success. Here nobody listens till we not do any action. Like Mahatma Gandhi followed the path of non violence, same thing we general category people will have to do to do progress to our country. Demanding for equality is our right and nobody can snatch it from us. Our constitution also says that all are equal and all are given equal rights. But due to selfish politicians it is not possible. SC and other many categories are given reservation to win the votes from that section. They think that if they remove reservation from country then they will not get votes from the section which was reserved. Time has gone when this reservation acted as boom for the country, now this is only doing wrong to country and people living in that country. This is creating in equality among Indians. Indians are fighting due to caste system and hurting each other. The reason is that persons belong to different cast. How good it will be when there will be no caste system. There will be no fights on the basis of caste. This type of caste reservation is making India handicap. This problem can only be solved with the medicine of equality. In every field general category has to face reservation, whether it is job, interview or we have to fill a exam. If we want to fill the exam, we have to give double the amount paid by the general category people. After that in exam we have to do very much hard work to crack the exam. I guarantee that if this reservation system is banned then there will be no time left when we will see India on number one position in the world. As Indians are more hardworking and laborious  than other country citizens. This reservation act as speed breaker in their path of success. There are many general category people who are very poor and want to uplift but can't due to reservation. As at every step general category students have to face reservation policy. What will happen if the person who scored 40 % and becoming doctor and the person who scored 80% is rejected. This reservation policy will soon led to bloodshed among Indians. Everybody will have to raise voice against reservation. This is not possible for a single person to bring change. All will have to join hands in hands and move forward with full power, determination and positive attitude. Nowadays nobody believes in caste but when we see this reservation system, we get pressurize to believe it. Due to this reservation policy the number of general category government employees is decreasing sharply. Which is causing unemployment? In good colleges there is no space for general category people. The voice of general category people is not listened, which can lead to big violence. Now the only solution is we should make one category, that is category of equality. Then nobody will talk of caste, no violence on the basis of caste and equality will be there in society. On taking this decision if any body do violence and demand for reservation, then he should be given a hard punishment. For example 5 years imprisonment if anybody demand for reservation. This reservation was good in the old days but today it is not good. It is dividing India. We should think a good method to remove reservation other than doing violence. Taking such methods can do something good. This reservation policy was made to uplift weaker section of society and now the mission is complete. Reservation should be given to those who are really in need of it. What will happen to a poor guy who belongs from general category and his family income is also not good. Today there are many rich people who belong to reserved categories and still taking the benefit of reservation. This is very wrong. And there are also so many people who are below poverty line and didn't belong to reserved category. Those people want to do something but this reservation is becoming obstruction. Many hardworking Indians are migrating from India as they are not paid according to their ability. When we see statistics of any exam we see that number of people who belong to reserved categories are coming forward and the one who belong to category other than reserved are rejected even if they score more than reserved. Today the government wants reserved category people not the people who are hardworking. All are having one brain, two eyes, and two hands. Then why this reservation? What will happen if  a 40% scorer is becoming a doctor and a 90% one is rejected. The time came when reservation should be banned. This need lot of hard work and unity. A single person can’t do anything. As it is rightly said that united we stand and divided we fall which means till we are united nobody can harm us. And if we are not united then anybody can harm us. There should be one caste. This is the best step to remove reservation. Our ministers are trying to uplift India then there first step is to remove reservation as if this reservation is removed then educated and hardworking persons will come in front and directly it will lead to progress. Poverty is increasing among general category as they are not getting good jobs due to reservation in India. All the jobs are captured by other category people. The purpose of giving reservation was to uplift the backward section of India and now the purpose for it is complete. But this caste based reservation has become the method of filling their vote banks. If any leader removes the reservation then next time nobody will vote him. Now the time came when everybody wants equality but this reservation is becoming the middle stone. This reservation on the basis of caste creates differences between friends, people living nearby houses and many other differences. Nowadays a general category student has to work much harder than other students who belong to other categories. India wants capable people to come forward not the students who belong from reserved categories. God made us equal and we should have equal rights. In coming 1 or 2 years people will start fighting for reservation and i am sure that when there will be too much bloodshed among Indians then reservation will be given. Stress among general category students is increasing day by day because of reservation. Jats did violence and they got reservation. Instead of taking strict action against jats government gave them reservation. That was the opportunity to the government to remove reservation which is making India hollow. All the problems of making India a successful country will get solved by taking the step towards reservation policy. Why only dalits are people of god, we all are people of god. All are having equal rights and should be treated as equal. At every step general category students face reservation. The first step towards removing reservation is UNITY. So let’s become one and demand for reservation free India.