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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

I don't believe in caste then why i believe in caste reservation.

Hello friends in today's post i will tell you about caste discrimination and how to solve this problem. My post title is "I don't believe in caste then why i believe in caste reservation". This means that people who don't believe in caste then why they are forced to believe in caste reservation. This caste system forces us to believe in caste reservation. Now from this line a point comes that the origin of caste reservation in caste system and if we want to get independence from caste reservation then we will have to discard caste system from India. And to discard caste system we need to follow many and many steps. Caste reservation is injustice done to general category people. A general category has to do much hard work then a student who belongs to reserved category. This is very bad. Our constitution says that all are equal but caste reservation proves that all are not equal. People are divided on the basis of caste, sex, religion. Dr. BR. Ambedkar gave caste reservation till only ten years but to gain people support in elections some politicians extended this time period and now the time came when it is difficult to discard caste reservation system. Some people do violence to get their demands fulfilled which is a wrong step. Violence will take us to the path of destruction which will lead to bloodshed. We should remove caste reservation by following the method of non violence. "Mahatama gandhi" who is known as the father of our nation also said that we should always follow the path of non violence. As violence will only and only lead to destruction. Today the life of general category student is risk. As the competition is rising day by day. No scientist can prove that general category students are having two brains and reserved category has one brain. If it is proved then caste reservation is right. Only few general category students are able to score good and get good jobs and we will also notice that general category students are doing their work proper with correct use of their knowledge as they came forward only and only on the basis of their ability not on the basis of caste. For the India to do progress we need people with ability and not the people with caste. If this caste reservation is removed then we can do some progress. Withdrawing caste reservation from India is difficult but not impossible. To make it possible one needs to do a lot of hard work and knowledge. Today general category students are migrating from India in search of good job and good salary which is not possible in India as good and best jobs are taken by reserved category students. This is very bad for India as great minds are leaving India because of good job and good salary. If this carry on then great minds of India will do progress in other countries and our county will remain on the same position. So many general category starts thinking from starting that there is no job for them and start planning to study abroad and settle there. Due to caste reservation India is loosing good, trained and hardworking people every year. This is bad news for India. If a general category is qualifying for any exam then he will have to score much more than the reserved category people. There are some politicians who want to discard this caste reservation policy from India but due to fear of loosing votes from reserved category people are not able to do any think. Only we need to do hard work to remove caste reservation. We all need to be one and join hand in hands against caste reservation. Some people who belongs to reserved category people think that caste reservation is revenge to general category people because in old day general category people behaved very bad with reserved category people that's why this caste reservation should remain in India forever and forever. Their thinking not wrong but in today's competitive world we should think that how to grow faster among other country. In older days people we not so much educated and behaved very bad. In old days due to no education their thinking was wrong. I am not saying that they were right. I am saying that they were wrong. But today instead of taking revenge we should become one and we should do hard work to make progress in India. I agree with you that in old days reserved category people we treated very badly by general category people but today we should not think about revenge, we should think about benefit of our nation. Now we all are educated and revenge and all that is wrong for us as well as for our nation. If this caste reservation continues then the people who belong to different caste will never become one and there will be fights among different categories. The main solution to this system is to remove caste then only there we can find solution to this problem. To bring peace in India we need equality and this is only possible if we discard this caste reservation from India.
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Saturday, 11 February 2017

Get your adsense approved

Hi friends, today we are going to talk about adsense approval. Adsense approval is not as tough as you think. Getting adsense approved is easy but only for those who do a lot of hard work. I am also using infolinks now days as my adsense is not approved and i am also trying. We should keep several things in mind before applying for adsense. Now there are two steps of adsense approval process. In the first step they check the identity of the person that whether the blog belongs to the person who is applying or not or he is the other person. In the second step they check each and every post that whether the content is sufficient and originality. Original content and sufficient content are main thinks we need to focus on before applying to adsense. Choosing a custom domain is very good and increases the chances of approval. Adsense does not approve the adult content and hacking material content. At every step we should be careful from starting. A single mistake can create a lot of trouble in the path of approval. Steps to be taken for adsense approval.

  1. Select a good blogspot address and a good custom domain, which is easy to remember so that visitors can remember your dot com address and easily visit. 
  2. Post good and quality content every day so that traffic can increase. It is rightly said that content is king. If your content is original and good then visitors will continuously visit your site and you will see daily page views.
  3. Google adsense can only qualify your blog if you are 18 years old. Keep this thing in mind. As if you apply before 17 you will definitely disapproved from adsense.
  4. Apply the custom domain in starting because if you apply the custom domain after two months then you will loose all the traffic and page views of two months on your site. 
  5. Don't apply for adsense before before six months. As google adsense does not approve mostly blogs because of their age. Google adsense wants the blog to be quality blog which is only possible if your blog is six months fold and you are doing hard to get approval. A quality blog is a blog which takes time and daily page views are there with a good traffic. 
  6. Apply for adsense after six or seven month. If adsense approves your blog then it is good and if not then do not loose hope. Google adsense always sends the reason of disapproval. See that reason and work on that. Reapply for adsense if you think that the reason for which your blog was dis approved is no more. 
Google is always in search of good blogs as they have to place ads for which they are getting paid for placing ads on websites. Hard work never go waste so work hard to get approval.  Remember the following steps and work on them you will definitely get approval. Google receives a lot of application of approval for adsense and they select only the perfect ones.
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Monday, 6 February 2017

i want to quit reservation

Today every one wants equality. Equality is very important in every body's life. Same think is today. Every intelligent and educated child wants reservation free India. India is divided on the basis of caste whether it is job or entrance exam. Today a general category student has to do much struggle to get something as compared to reserved categories students.
People says that caste reservation is good but it is not true. People says that this caste reservation will remove poverty but it is not true. Think how a general category person will feel when a student who scores less than him is awarded and he is not. Then the general category person will die of shame. Some people demand for caste reservation which is wrong but general category people demand for reservation free country. People should be given places on the basis of their ability not on the basis of their category. Equality should be given to every one. People do violence to get their demands fulfilled which is not good. In today's time caste reservation can not do any thing good. Caste reservation will only harm us and our society. Reservation is corruption which is done openly. Some tries to remove it and some not. All need to be together to remove this caste reservation from our country. This caste reservation is eating our country and making our country hollow like a termite do. If any politician says to remove caste reservation then the chances of that person to will reduces as all the reserved category people are against them. This caste reservation started many years back and till now there is no end of this system. To win the votes of the reserved category people this caste reservation system is continued and will continue. We need to join hand to remove caste reservation. We will have to think about this idea, think on this idea and work on this. Then only we will be able to remove this caste reservation. Caste reservation is not good. All the people will have to come forward to quit caste reservation in India. Due to this caste reservation many people are not able to achieve what they want to. This caste reservation is breaker in every general category people. If this caste reservation quits then selection in every field will be done on the basis of ability. Then the true competition starts there. The title of this post is "i want to quit reservation". This title is for those who are with me to quit reservation in India by the method of non-violence. If we all join hand in hand to quit reservation in our country then we will definitely succeed on day. Every general category will be very happy and will thank from their heart who did this. But remember that demanding for reservation free India by the method of non violence is best. People who do violence never gets success. So method of demanding for reservation free country should be non violence method. All will need to be one to remove caste reservation from our country. Comment if you like my post and share also. My support is your support. Hard work is the only and only key to success.

Caste reservation is right or not.