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I don't believe in caste then why i believe in caste reservation.

Hello friends in today's post i will tell you about caste discrimination and how to solve this problem. My post title is "I don't believe in caste then why i believe in caste reservation". This means that people who don't believe in caste then why they are forced to believe in caste reservation. This caste system forces us to believe in caste reservation. Now from this line a point comes that the origin of caste reservation in caste system and if we want to get independence from caste reservation then we will have to discard caste system from India. And to discard caste system we need to follow many and many steps. Caste reservation is injustice done to general category people. A general category has to do much hard work then a student who belongs to reserved category. This is very bad. Our constitution says that all are equal but caste reservation proves that all are not equal. People are divided on the basis of caste, sex, religion. Dr. BR. Ambedkar gave caste…

Get your adsense approved

Hi friends, today we are going to talk about adsense approval. Adsense approval is not as tough as you think. Getting adsense approved is easy but only for those who do a lot of hard work. I am also using infolinks now days as my adsense is not approved and i am also trying. We should keep several things in mind before applying for adsense. Now there are two steps of adsense approval process. In the first step they check the identity of the person that whether the blog belongs to the person who is applying or not or he is the other person. In the second step they check each and every post that whether the content is sufficient and originality. Original content and sufficient content are main thinks we need to focus on before applying to adsense. Choosing a custom domain is very good and increases the chances of approval. Adsense does not approve the adult content and hacking material content. At every step we should be careful from starting. A single mistake can create a lot of troub…

i want to quit reservation

Today every one wants equality. Equality is very important in every body's life. Same think is today. Every intelligent and educated child wants reservation free India. India is divided on the basis of caste whether it is job or entrance exam. Today a general category student has to do much struggle to get something as compared to reserved categories students.
People says that caste reservation is good but it is not true. People says that this caste reservation will remove poverty but it is not true. Think how a general category person will feel when a student who scores less than him is awarded and he is not. Then the general category person will die of shame. Some people demand for caste reservation which is wrong but general category people demand for reservation free country. People should be given places on the basis of their ability not on the basis of their category. Equality should be given to every one. People do violence to get their demands fulfilled which is not good.…