The speech on caste reservation

Reservation is reserving something for somebody and caste reservation is reserving rights for people on the basis of their caste. Indians are divided into different caste which are scheduled caste (SCs), scheduled tribes (STs) and Other backward class (OBC). In caste reservation people are given reservation in jobs, reservation in application form fee, reservation in college fee and reservation in many more places by birth on the basis of their caste. This system was introduced in India to remove poverty. And this system worked very well when it was introduced. But now it should be not any more. This system was started in 1954 in the favour of STs, SCs. And after that in 1980 this system was introduced for OBCs too. In the old days SCs and STs where treated very badly by the other caste people. They were called untouchables and people don't to even drink water from them. That was very unacceptable. At that time caste reservation was introduced and did very best. But now it is 201…

Get your adsense approved

Hi friends, today we are going to talk about adsense approval. Adsense approval is not as tough as you think. Getting adsense approved is easy but only for those who do a lot of hard work. I am also using infolinks now days as my adsense is not approved and i am also trying. We should keep several things in mind before applying for adsense. Now there are two steps of adsense approval process. In the first step they check the identity of the person that whether the blog belongs to the person who is applying or not or he is the other person. In the second step they check each and every post that whether the content is sufficient and originality. Original content and sufficient content are main thinks we need to focus on before applying to adsense. Choosing a custom domain is very good and increases the chances of approval. Adsense does not approve the adult content and hacking material content. At every step we should be careful from starting. A single mistake can create a lot of trouble in the path of approval. Steps to be taken for adsense approval.

  1. Select a good blogspot address and a good custom domain, which is easy to remember so that visitors can remember your dot com address and easily visit. 
  2. Post good and quality content every day so that traffic can increase. It is rightly said that content is king. If your content is original and good then visitors will continuously visit your site and you will see daily page views.
  3. Google adsense can only qualify your blog if you are 18 years old. Keep this thing in mind. As if you apply before 17 you will definitely disapproved from adsense.
  4. Apply the custom domain in starting because if you apply the custom domain after two months then you will loose all the traffic and page views of two months on your site. 
  5. Don't apply for adsense before before six months. As google adsense does not approve mostly blogs because of their age. Google adsense wants the blog to be quality blog which is only possible if your blog is six months fold and you are doing hard to get approval. A quality blog is a blog which takes time and daily page views are there with a good traffic. 
  6. Apply for adsense after six or seven month. If adsense approves your blog then it is good and if not then do not loose hope. Google adsense always sends the reason of disapproval. See that reason and work on that. Reapply for adsense if you think that the reason for which your blog was dis approved is no more. 
Google is always in search of good blogs as they have to place ads for which they are getting paid for placing ads on websites. Hard work never go waste so work hard to get approval.  Remember the following steps and work on them you will definitely get approval. Google receives a lot of application of approval for adsense and they select only the perfect ones.
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