Reservation means reserving something for somebody, and caste reservation means reserving the best options on the basis of caste. So here we will discuss about caste reservation and everything about caste. The people who are viewing this can give their opinions in the comment section below after reading this full post. If you find something wrong in this then you can tell me through comments, so coming to the topic.
 We all know about caste reservation, in caste reservation rights are reserved for reserved caste people. In India Indians are divided into different caste i.e SC, ST, OBC, GEN. With out this option even we can't fill college admission form or apply for government job. This column is compulsory in every application form. This divides Indians and leads to discrimination and conflicts between different section of society. This type of reservation creates inequality. Reservation should not be on the basis of caste. If reservation is necessary then the method to give rese…

i want to quit reservation

Today every one wants equality. Equality is very important in every body's life. Same think is today. Every intelligent and educated child wants reservation free India. India is divided on the basis of caste whether it is job or entrance exam. Today a general category student has to do much struggle to get something as compared to reserved categories students.
People says that caste reservation is good but it is not true. People says that this caste reservation will remove poverty but it is not true. Think how a general category person will feel when a student who scores less than him is awarded and he is not. Then the general category person will die of shame. Some people demand for caste reservation which is wrong but general category people demand for reservation free country. People should be given places on the basis of their ability not on the basis of their category. Equality should be given to every one. People do violence to get their demands fulfilled which is not good. In today's time caste reservation can not do any thing good. Caste reservation will only harm us and our society. Reservation is corruption which is done openly. Some tries to remove it and some not. All need to be together to remove this caste reservation from our country. This caste reservation is eating our country and making our country hollow like a termite do. If any politician says to remove caste reservation then the chances of that person to will reduces as all the reserved category people are against them. This caste reservation started many years back and till now there is no end of this system. To win the votes of the reserved category people this caste reservation system is continued and will continue. We need to join hand to remove caste reservation. We will have to think about this idea, think on this idea and work on this. Then only we will be able to remove this caste reservation. Caste reservation is not good. All the people will have to come forward to quit caste reservation in India. Due to this caste reservation many people are not able to achieve what they want to. This caste reservation is breaker in every general category people. If this caste reservation quits then selection in every field will be done on the basis of ability. Then the true competition starts there. The title of this post is "i want to quit reservation". This title is for those who are with me to quit reservation in India by the method of non-violence. If we all join hand in hand to quit reservation in our country then we will definitely succeed on day. Every general category will be very happy and will thank from their heart who did this. But remember that demanding for reservation free India by the method of non violence is best. People who do violence never gets success. So method of demanding for reservation free country should be non violence method. All will need to be one to remove caste reservation from our country. Comment if you like my post and share also. My support is your support. Hard work is the only and only key to success.

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