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Reservation means reserving something for somebody, and caste reservation means reserving the best options on the basis of caste. So here we will discuss about caste reservation and everything about caste. The people who are viewing this can give their opinions in the comment section below after reading this full post. If you find something wrong in this then you can tell me through comments, so coming to the topic.
 We all know about caste reservation, in caste reservation rights are reserved for reserved caste people. In India Indians are divided into different caste i.e SC, ST, OBC, GEN. With out this option even we can't fill college admission form or apply for government job. This column is compulsory in every application form. This divides Indians and leads to discrimination and conflicts between different section of society. This type of reservation creates inequality. Reservation should not be on the basis of caste. If reservation is necessary then the method to give rese…

CASTE reservation in INDIA

Hello friends today i will talk about caste reservation in India. People are having many doubts about caste reservation in India, some think that this caste reservation is boon and some think that it is curse. This topic 'caste reservation in India' in today's time is discussed very much. Every person has different opinions about caste reservation. People who belong from reserved category students think that this caste reservation is good in today's time as in older days reserved category people were not given too much importance. It is true but in older days people were not so much educated so they were not having knowledge but today instead of taking revenge we should focus on the development of our country which is only possible if we all join our hands by not carrying about to which category we belong, whether it is scheduled caste, other backward class or general. This caste based reservation played a big role in development of our country but today there is no p…

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