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Best and last method to end caste reservation

Caste reservation is the program to protect oppressed caste of India from caste discrimination. But its not true in today's time people don't believe in oppressed caste, time has changed but we haven't. Caste based reservation is the only reason for caste discrimination. If there would be no caste then there will be no caste based discrimination. Today caste based reservation is helpful for some but not for all. My friend belongs to OBC caste. When i asked my friend about caste reservation and also asked to discuss his views about caste reservation that whether it is right or not and what you think about it. He said that caste reservation in not right but if you are getting benefit you will not deny taking those benefits. So methods should be taken to quit caste reservation.
 In this post i will tell you the best method to remove caste reservation. By following this method we can remove caste reservation but firstly we have to discuss all the aspects that can be done for …

no need of caste reservation in MODERN world (quit reservation)

Today we live in a advanced world and i think that in this advanced world there is no need of caste reservation in India. This caste reservation was given so that reserved category students and families can do progress in their life and the one who wanted to do something they did. This caste reservation was given for ten years and after that many ten years have passed and till now this reservation doesn't came to end. Now this reservation will only and only act as curse on Indians. Those people who wanted to do progress they did and now no other chance should be given to them. This system is making reserved category students lazy which is bad and those lazy ones are preferred over those who did a lot of hard work to achieve their aim. Some people says that caste based reservation is important to uplift backward section of society but they don't know that today nobody is backward and those who are still backward after giving a long time of caste reservation they can't prog…

no caste no reservation

Today caste reservation is creating inequality among Indians. My post name is 'no caste no reservation' which means that if there will be no caste then automatically there will be no reservation on the basis of caste. From here it is clear that origin of caste reservation is caste. This is the only caste system which forces us to believe in cast. To remove this system we will have to follow many steps. Caste reservation is a big cause of depression among general category students. Reservation should be given on the basis of income not on the basis of caste. This method will help all the Indians to uplift. Today SC category students who are rich are taking the benefit of caste reservation and if there will be income based reservation system then they will not be able to get reservation. All are equal, all are having same body structure. God made all equal then why caste. This caste reservation was given many years ago by ambedkar ji. He was a great man and after thing about th…

INCOME BASED reservation method

Today we are going to talk about different methods of giving reservation to people and one of the method of giving reservation is income based method. Today there is not bright future of giving caste based reservation. This only and only creates inequality among people of different caste. The first thing is we need to remove caste and make only one caste for all the people of India and that caste will be known as caste of equality. All are having same physical and mental structure. Nobody can say that general category students are intelligent and reserved category student are not intelligent. The thing which matters is hard-work. Hard-work is is biggest thing of all. The one who will do hard-work will do good and the one who will not he/she will remain lazy. Jobs should be given on the basis of ability but today it is happening reverse. The students who are scoring less are given jobs and the students who are scoring good are ignored due to caste reservation. This caste reservation f…

BEST speech on quota based reservation

Today quota is the most discussed topic among general category people. Some says quota is curse and some says quota is boom but i think is that quota system was boom in old days but curse now days. As the students who scored better than reserved category are ignored and the one who belong to reserved category are given place. Because the one who scored good is from general category and the one who didn't score good was from reserved caste. At that time general category people is broken with in the heart and thinks of inequality done to them but general category people accepts this as a bitter truth and goes on trying hard and harder. This is the life of a general category people in education system in India. These students who belong to general category have to face many challenges to get something in India. This system was introduced to remove poverty among SC and st but today this system is creating poverty among general category people. What will those students feel who belong…

Caste reservation effect

In today's time caste reservation is the most discussed topic when we talk about studies. Caste reservation is a system in which reserved castes get benefit in jobs and colleges as seats are reserved for reserved categories in jobs and colleges. Due to this the persons who do not belong to reserved category have to suffer many difficulties in life. Some people think that this system is good and some think that this system in not good. Yes it is true that this system was good in old days but in today's advanced world there is no space for such system to live in. In old days the condition of reserved castes was not good so this caste system was introduced so that people of reserved castes can do progress.
Due to this caste reservation India did lot of progress but today this system is creating differences among Indians who belong to different caste.People who belonged to reserved caste makes fun of the people who do not belong to the reserved caste as general category students …

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