Reservation means reserving something for somebody, and caste reservation means reserving the best options on the basis of caste. So here we will discuss about caste reservation and everything about caste. The people who are viewing this can give their opinions in the comment section below after reading this full post. If you find something wrong in this then you can tell me through comments, so coming to the topic.
 We all know about caste reservation, in caste reservation rights are reserved for reserved caste people. In India Indians are divided into different caste i.e SC, ST, OBC, GEN. With out this option even we can't fill college admission form or apply for government job. This column is compulsory in every application form. This divides Indians and leads to discrimination and conflicts between different section of society. This type of reservation creates inequality. Reservation should not be on the basis of caste. If reservation is necessary then the method to give rese…

BEST speech on quota based reservation

Today quota is the most discussed topic among general category people. Some says quota is curse and some says quota is boom but i think is that quota system was boom in old days but curse now days. As the students who scored better than reserved category are ignored and the one who belong to reserved category are given place. Because the one who scored good is from general category and the one who didn't score good was from reserved caste. At that time general category people is broken with in the heart and thinks of inequality done to them but general category people accepts this as a bitter truth and goes on trying hard and harder. This is the life of a general category people in education system in India. These students who belong to general category have to face many challenges to get something in India. This system was introduced to remove poverty among SC and st but today this system is creating poverty among general category people. What will those students feel who belongs to general category and are very poor and also not able to progress in their life due to caste reservation in India. Today the students who belong to reserved category make the fun of the students who belong to general category as after doing too much hard-work  they are not able to compete with reserved category students.Today there is no place of caste reservation in India. Today India is a developed country and modern country and nobody believes in caste but this caste based reservation is forcing us to believe in caste. In today's time caste based reservation will only act as cures on India. If we ban caste reservation in India the our coming generation will study about caste based reservation in history books only. And they will also judge that caste based reservation was not good for India. All the category students have one mind. But according to the rule of equality it is proved that general category students have two brains and reserved category students have one brain. But there is not any medical report. Reservation on the basis of income is best method is we want any type of reservation in India. This caste based reservation was given to Indians for about ten years but to win public support from reserved category people this quota system was extended by some selfish politicians. I agree that this quota based reservation acted as boon to the society and the people of India but today it will only lead to bloodshed as differences among general category people are increasing every day. This caste based reservation will come to end if all the people whether they belong to reserved category or general category join their hands and raise their voice against caste reservation. And this is only possible by providing proper and best education to both reserved category people and general category people. All are people of god no one is SC or general. All should be known as the people of god. If you like my post then please share and comment also. Your support is important for us.

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