INCOME BASED reservation method

Today we are going to talk about different methods of giving reservation to people and one of the method of giving reservation is income based method. Today there is not bright future of giving caste based reservation. This only and only creates inequality among people of different caste. The first thing is we need to remove caste and make only one caste for all the people of India and that caste will be known as caste of equality. All are having same physical and mental structure. Nobody can say that general category students are intelligent and reserved category student are not intelligent. The thing which matters is hard-work. Hard-work is is biggest thing of all. The one who will do hard-work will do good and the one who will not he/she will remain lazy. Jobs should be given on the basis of ability but today it is happening reverse. The students who are scoring less are given jobs and the students who are scoring good are ignored due to caste reservation. This caste reservation forces many great minds to migrate from India. Not only this and many other factors are there which are affected by caste reservation. The politicians who say that they will fix many problems and attain progress in India should firstly fix the problem of caste reservation in education and jobs. Every general category student has to suffer in his young age due to caste reservation. If India need any kind of reservation then that is income based reservation. In caste based reservation method many rich are still taking the benefit of caste reservation and general category students are depressed about their future. India's future should be given the hands of those people who came forward due to ability not by caste as those persons will only care about country and had a good knowledge about every subject. What will happen is doctors are on the basis of caste reservation and ignoring ability. It is very dangerous for patients like this only India is a patient who need operation by abled people otherwise anything wrong can happen to our country. There is not any medical report which proves that general category people are having two brain and reserved category people have one brain. If this derivation is proved then caste reservation is OK and should continue till years. It is truth that reserved casts suffered a lot in old days and giving caste reservation was very important in old days but today not. We should not run towards revenge and talk about development of India. In old days due to less education reserved categories suffered but today due to caste reservation everything is fine. If we keep on fighting on the basis of caste then definitely India will lag among other countries. We should be one whether SC, st or general. All are given same structure by god and all are equal. We should keep one think in mind that all are Indians and we should keep this thing in thing that if we are divided then we fall and if we are united then we stand. Friends if you like my post then share and comment your views. Your support is important for us and thanks for reading our post.
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