no caste no reservation

Today caste reservation is creating inequality among Indians. My post name is 'no caste no reservation' which means that if there will be no caste then automatically there will be no reservation on the basis of caste. From here it is clear that origin of caste reservation is caste. This is the only caste system which forces us to believe in cast. To remove this system we will have to follow many steps. Caste reservation is a big cause of depression among general category students. Reservation should be given on the basis of income not on the basis of caste. This method will help all the Indians to uplift. Today SC category students who are rich are taking the benefit of caste reservation and if there will be income based reservation system then they will not be able to get reservation. All are equal, all are having same body structure. God made all equal then why caste. This caste reservation was given many years ago by ambedkar ji. He was a great man and after thing about the condition of the reserved category he gave reservation but for only ten years as he know that giving reservation for life time will harm our country. Some politicians to win the vote from reserved category people extended the caste reservation in India. A general category student has to do competition with category in every field. Whether job or admission in good colleges. Caste reservation is acting as a termite which is making India hollow from with in. If this caste reservation continues then there is no doubt that this system will create violence in the coming future. We all have to do a lot of hard work to remover caste based reservation and starting a good method of reservation which will have many benefits. Many great minds migrating from India in search of good jobs as they are not getting good jobs in India according to their ability due to reservation. If there will be no caste then there will be no reservation on the basis of caste. In my opinion caste based reservation will only prove curse for India in the coming future as people should get better and better jobs on the basis of ability. If we ask from a reserved category student that what is their opinion then they will say that reservation is good it is revenge to those who general category people who did very bad to them in the old days. From most of the people i listen the same thing. This is the thinking level of the reserved category students that revenge is important. But this is bad we should talk about the progress of India and not on the revenge. And this is only possible if we give proper education to reserved category students that how harmful can be reservation in the coming future so in my opinion by giving bed education to reserved category students we can solve the problem of caste reservation in India. Poverty among general category is increasing. Please share if you agree with me. Comment also so that other people can read and understand facts about caste reservation in India. As to do any thing motivation and support is very important which only you can give. So keep reading my more posts.

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