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Best and last method to end caste reservation

Caste reservation is the program to protect oppressed caste of India from caste discrimination. But its not true in today's time people don't believe in oppressed caste, time has changed but we haven't. Caste based reservation is the only reason for caste discrimination. If there would be no caste then there will be no caste based discrimination. Today caste based reservation is helpful for some but not for all. My friend belongs to OBC caste. When i asked my friend about caste reservation and also asked to discuss his views about caste reservation that whether it is right or not and what you think about it. He said that caste reservation in not right but if you are getting benefit you will not deny taking those benefits. So methods should be taken to quit caste reservation.
 In this post i will tell you the best method to remove caste reservation. By following this method we can remove caste reservation but firstly we have to discuss all the aspects that can be done for …

No more OPPORTUNITIES to reserved people

In today's time in India reservation is the most discussed topic among students who are studying. Every student whether he belongs to reserved category or general has to face caste reservation. Caste reservation is positive for reserved category and made the life of general category people very hard to live. In today's modern world most of the students studying under school level doesn't know what is caste reservation. But when the think about their future after class 12th they came to know about caste reservation, which hurts them deeply. This caste reservation was given for 10 years but now many years passed after those 10 years. But till now it is same as it was before. Opportunities should be give one or twice after that no opportunities should be given to reserved people. Yes i agree that this caste reservation played a very big and best role in uplifting the backward classes but today there is no meaning of caste reservation. Those people who wanted to do progress t…

NO bright future with caste reservation

Caste reservation is dividing India and creating inequality. Today there are few people who belongs to general category and are getting good jobs. All the jobs are taken away by the reserved category people. If this reservation continues then there is no doubt that many general category will become poor and people under poverty line will increase. I agree that in old days caste reservation played a big role and it was also very important but today there is no need of caste reservation in India. Caste reservation was introduced in India for only ten years but till now it same and many years have passed after those ten years. When we ask some people that why this caste reservation is still going on then some reply that condition of reserved category people is not good and they are also poor. Yes i agree that now also there are few people who belong to reserved category and are still poor. This is their fault that they are still poor after giving many opportunities and those people will…

Future of general category in danger

Every year many general category students are not able to get admission in good colleges because of caste reservation in India. This year also many general category students will fail to get admission in good colleges due to caste reservation in India. cutoff score for JEE mains is given in the image below.
See the difference between the cut off score of general category students versus cut off score of the students who belong to other caste. I worked very hard and i scored 89 marks but still also i think it is very difficult to get admission in good college due to caste reservation. In our country reserved are preferred first then deserved. My friend scored 70 marks and belongs to SC category and i think he will get admission in very good government college as compared to me. This is making me very sad as i scored better then him but then also i am not getting better college then him.This problem is not only with me but  this is with every general category student. This creates ineq…

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