Reservation means reserving something for somebody, and caste reservation means reserving the best options on the basis of caste. So here we will discuss about caste reservation and everything about caste. The people who are viewing this can give their opinions in the comment section below after reading this full post. If you find something wrong in this then you can tell me through comments, so coming to the topic.
 We all know about caste reservation, in caste reservation rights are reserved for reserved caste people. In India Indians are divided into different caste i.e SC, ST, OBC, GEN. With out this option even we can't fill college admission form or apply for government job. This column is compulsory in every application form. This divides Indians and leads to discrimination and conflicts between different section of society. This type of reservation creates inequality. Reservation should not be on the basis of caste. If reservation is necessary then the method to give rese…

Future of general category in danger

Every year many general category students are not able to get admission in good colleges because of caste reservation in India. This year also many general category students will fail to get admission in good colleges due to caste reservation in India. cutoff score for JEE mains is given in the image below.
See the difference between the cut off score of general category students versus cut off score of the students who belong to other caste. I worked very hard and i scored 89 marks but still also i think it is very difficult to get admission in good college due to caste reservation. In our country reserved are preferred first then deserved. My friend scored 70 marks and belongs to SC category and i think he will get admission in very good government college as compared to me. This is making me very sad as i scored better then him but then also i am not getting better college then him.This problem is not only with me but  this is with every general category student. This creates inequality among friends, neighbors and staff. If one is working very hard then he/she should get result according to hard work done by then not the caste. Today a general category student has to face many challenges in life to get something. At every place general category student has to face caste whether it is filling of application form or any entrance exam and relaxation in many other fields. An educated person in today's world will demand for reservation free India then asking for reservation. Giving best education to all the students whether belong to sc or general can help solving this problem. Some think that caste reservation is good as it is creation equality but in reality it is not. Today nobody believes in caste then why there is caste reservation. This forces us to believe in caste and results in inequality. This reservation system was given for 10 years but it is continuing till now. Those who wanted to do progress they did and it is the time to quit this caste reservation. Today there are number of general category people who are poor and are not able to get good place due to caste reservation. Reservation should be given to those who deserved not reserved. Income based method is the good method to give reservation. Reservation can be given to those in application fee but not in the cutoff score of the exam. As all are having one brain and god made us same. Today reservation is most discussed topic specially among general category student who is facing it in every field. I want to take admission in NIT but I can't. But if there would be no caste reservation then getting admission in NIT was not as difficult as it is now. Many great minds migrated from India due to caste reservation as here reserved are given preference than deserved. Some politicians are there who wants to remove caste reservation but fear of losing votes from reserved category people force them to not take any action against caste system. This is also a big reason of continuing caste system till now. Dr bhim Rao ambedkar was a great person as he did very right to give reservation to backward class for 10 years. But in today's time i think that this reservation will harm our India. This post is in simple language so that small children can also understand my post easily. If you like my post then please share on social websites and don't forget to comment. If feel good wen some one comments on my post as this makes me feel that people are reading my post from their heart.

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