NO bright future with caste reservation

Caste reservation is dividing India and creating inequality. Today there are few people who belongs to general category and are getting good jobs. All the jobs are taken away by the reserved category people. If this reservation continues then there is no doubt that many general category will become poor and people under poverty line will increase. I agree that in old days caste reservation played a big role and it was also very important but today there is no need of caste reservation in India. Caste reservation was introduced in India for only ten years but till now it same and many years have passed after those ten years. When we ask some people that why this caste reservation is still going on then some reply that condition of reserved category people is not good and they are also poor. Yes i agree that now also there are few people who belong to reserved category and are still poor. This is their fault that they are still poor after giving many opportunities and those people will remain poor if they can't progress till now. Opportunities are are given one time not all the time. Today rank should be given on the basis of ability, on the basis of experience, on the basis of hard work but not on the basis of category. When rank are given on the basis of category then this hurts general category people very much as they did lot of hard-work but still they are not able to achieve a good rank. What general category people demand about caste reservation. They only demand is equality, they don't want any kind of reservation they want only and only equality. If we give people opportunities then this makes them lazy and they are not able to do good. Today there is no meaning of caste reservation in the modern world. Today best rank colleges are offered to the undergraduates on the basis of caste which is the first where children face caste reservation. Here jealousy comes in them towards caste reservation which can lead to violence. But violence is not the solution. Violence destroys everything. We need to stop caste reservation for bright future of India as well as Indians. What will happen to India in the coming future if caste reservation continues. India will have dull future as people with caste are holding upper position and people with category are working under them even after scoring higher then them. Many students migrated from India and started working for other countries as there is no caste reservation and they are holding a good position on they ability not on the basis of caste. Many students prepare for JEE mains exam by taking coaching from many coaching centers in Chandigarh and Delhi but they are not able to crack the exam whereas many students who belong to reserved categories can crack the exam easily without taking coaching from any coaching center and not studying hard as cutoff marks for JEE mains for SC category is very low as compared to general category students. This year cutoff marks for SC category students in JEE mains was 32 marks whereas for general category students it was 81 marks. Here only we can see the difference. We need to stop this caste discrimination to do some progress. Please like my post and also share my post as i feel good that some one is reading my post. It gives me courage to do more. I will also reply to your comments. My post is in simple language so that all can understand my post without any problem. There may be some mistakes in my post so you can tell my mistakes and i will try to solve them. You can discuss the issue with me i will also help you. You can comment below to say any thing. I will be very thankful to you. Please don't forget to share my post.

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