No more OPPORTUNITIES to reserved people

In today's time in India reservation is the most discussed topic among students who are studying. Every student whether he belongs to reserved category or general has to face caste reservation. Caste reservation is positive for reserved category and made the life of general category people very hard to live. In today's modern world most of the students studying under school level doesn't know what is caste reservation. But when the think about their future after class 12th they came to know about caste reservation, which hurts them deeply. This caste reservation was given for 10 years but now many years passed after those 10 years. But till now it is same as it was before. Opportunities should be give one or twice after that no opportunities should be given to reserved people. Yes i agree that this caste reservation played a very big and best role in uplifting the backward classes but today there is no meaning of caste reservation. Those people who wanted to do progress they did and now the think which India wants for advancement of society is EQUALITY. Today there are few people who belong to general category and are getting jobs. Caste reservation made very hard for the general category students to get job. Some reserved category teases other general category students when they get the job without studying hard and general category people are not able to get job after studying hard. General category student has to face reservation at every step whether it is application form or marks obtained. Giving opportunities again and again made the reserved category people lazy. This year cutoff score for JEE mains exam for general category student was 81 where as reserved category students has 32 for SC, 27 for ST and 49 for OBC. Many general category students migrates from India in search of good job according to their ability as there is no caste reservation. Today mostly people do not believe in caste. They do friendship without asking the caste but when it comes to job they came to know the caste of each other and friendship ends. If reserved category are still poor afte giving so much opportunities then it is difficult to bring advancement in them. All the people are having one brain whether the student is from reserved or general. If general are having two brain then reservation should be there but god made all of us equal. My brother is preparing for IAS but due to reservation he not able to score good which is required by general category and all his friends qualified as they belonged to reserved category. This hurts my brother very much. Reservation is bitter truth for general category people. A high scorer is rejected because of his general category. To remove this caste reservation firstly we need to remove caste which is possible by providing proper education to all the people. If this reservation ends now then this caste reservation will be studied only in history. And children will point out their fathers while teaching that caste reservation was not good. If you like mu post then please comment and share my post. Also comment if you found any mistake in my post. Give your views. Your support is very important for me to write more. Thanks for reading.
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