Best and last method to end caste reservation

Caste reservation is the program to protect oppressed caste of India from caste discrimination. But its not true in today's time people don't believe in oppressed caste, time has changed but we haven't. Caste based reservation is the only reason for caste discrimination. If there would be no caste then there will be no caste based discrimination. Today caste based reservation is helpful for some but not for all. My friend belongs to OBC caste. When i asked my friend about caste reservation and also asked to discuss his views about caste reservation that whether it is right or not and what you think about it. He said that caste reservation in not right but if you are getting benefit you will not deny taking those benefits. So methods should be taken to quit caste reservation.
 In this post i will tell you the best method to remove caste reservation. By following this method we can remove caste reservation but firstly we have to discuss all the aspects that can be done for …

BEST essay on caste reservation

Our constitution says that all are equal but it is not true. Every Indian is divided on the basis of caste, sex, religion which is creating inequality among Indians. Today India needs to be reservation free to remove casteism. Due to this caste reservation poor people belong to general quota. Many years back this caste system was introduced to fill economical gap between the different caste people. But in reality this system increased the gap between the hearts of the people. This caste based reservation system is the big reason that why caste system is still continuing in India. Caste system can lead to conflict between different caste people. This caste system was introduced to uplift the weaker section of society but today there is no need of this system. Reservation in marks is not good as we all are having one brain. Today nobody believes in caste then why people believe in caste reservation. This caste system is making India handicapped. Every year many great minds are migrating from India in search of good jobs and equality. As they are given jobs on the basis of their ability not on the basis of their caste. Caste system is the big reason of many general category are migrating from India. Today many people who belong to general category are under poverty line. Students should be given seats in the colleges on the basis of their ability not on the basis of caste. Due to caste reservation many great minds are not able to get good jobs which they deserved which leads to loss in their confidence. Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar Ji introduced this system for 10 years but today it is not known that till how many years this caste reservation will be there in India. If this remains same than this system will create many differences between different caste people. And can also lead to bloodshed.

Today there are also many general category people who says that caste based reservation is wrong and also trying to tell others. Tension among most of the general category students is because of caste reservation. As they keep thinking about their future that how they will get job as most of the jobs are taken by the reserved category students even after scoring less than general category students. This caste system decreases the confidence of the general category students and results in stress among them. Today at every place general category people has to suffer from caste reservation. Whether it is fee in application form of any exam, marks in entrance exam of any college, college admission fee and many other places general category student has to suffer from caste reservation. Life of general category people become hell specially who belongs to poor background. When a poor student faces reservation than the feeling is worst and he/she feels lonely. When a less scorer is given better seat in college than a high scorer who belongs to general category. Today demand in India is of category not talent. There are many students who belong to general category who are not a good scorer in exams but are talented they are also not given place due to caste reservation in marks. So in my opinion today caste reservation is creating differences among Indians and becoming breaker in progress of India.
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