The speech on caste reservation

Reservation is reserving something for somebody and caste reservation is reserving rights for people on the basis of their caste. Indians are divided into different caste which are scheduled caste (SCs), scheduled tribes (STs) and Other backward class (OBC). In caste reservation people are given reservation in jobs, reservation in application form fee, reservation in college fee and reservation in many more places by birth on the basis of their caste. This system was introduced in India to remove poverty. And this system worked very well when it was introduced. But now it should be not any more. This system was started in 1954 in the favour of STs, SCs. And after that in 1980 this system was introduced for OBCs too. In the old days SCs and STs where treated very badly by the other caste people. They were called untouchables and people don't to even drink water from them. That was very unacceptable. At that time caste reservation was introduced and did very best. But now it is 201…

Caste reservation is right or not.

What does reservation means? It means that action of reserving something for somebody. And caste reservation is reserving seats on the basis of caste. Caste reservation system only divides the society leading to discrimination and conflicts between different section of our society. Today caste reservation is killing the future of general category students. In this reservation seats for other category students are reserved in schools, colleges and government jobs too. This reservation was introduced to remove poverty in India but today it is creating poverty. General category people work hard day and night and then able to earn a small amount. Reservation was introduced to remove untouchability but today it is creating discrimination among different caste people. Caste reservation was good for a limited time but today it is not. And this is truth. Due to politics caste reservation is still residing in our country. Because they know that if they will talk of removing caste reservation from India then they will not win the election. If any politician will try to remove caste reservation then the upper leader of that party will not allow to remove caste reservation. Today general category students has to work very much harder than other category people to achieve something. Many of the general category people are migrating from India in search of good income and good job which is not possible for general category people living in India. Reservation is dividing us on the basis of caste think if there is no caste reservation in jobs, in taking admissions in colleges and marks. Then nobody will as for caste and after few years caste word will eliminate from our country then people will talk only of ability. Some people fight for reservation that is they want reservation instead of removing reservation. We all should become one and fight against caste reservation instead of demanding reservation. Today when a student applies to take admission in any university or college. We get a form and in that form we are asked of category whether general, obc, sc, st. What this question belongs to. The only thing which matters is merit. A category can't decide whether a student is eligible or not the only thing that matters is his skills and hard work. It is said that hard work is the key to success but in todays time it is not truth. According to today it should be CATEGORY IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS. If we want to be successful then we need category. This reservation policy was introduced for 10 years in the starting but due to politics it is continuing till now. Those who wanted to do something they did and now it is their own mistake that they didn't get any benefit from caste reservation. We can't give opportunities every time. Opportunities are given 2 to 3 times not more than that. Every thing changes with time but this caste reservation is same as it was before. If we want to remove caste system then first we have to remove reservation in jobs, admissions and marks. Reservation should be our own ability. So in today's world caste reservation is not right.

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