The speech on caste reservation

Reservation is reserving something for somebody and caste reservation is reserving rights for people on the basis of their caste. Indians are divided into different caste which are scheduled caste (SCs), scheduled tribes (STs) and Other backward class (OBC). In caste reservation people are given reservation in jobs, reservation in application form fee, reservation in college fee and reservation in many more places by birth on the basis of their caste. This system was introduced in India to remove poverty. And this system worked very well when it was introduced. But now it should be not any more. This system was started in 1954 in the favour of STs, SCs. And after that in 1980 this system was introduced for OBCs too. In the old days SCs and STs where treated very badly by the other caste people. They were called untouchables and people don't to even drink water from them. That was very unacceptable. At that time caste reservation was introduced and did very best. But now it is 201…

Best and last method to end caste reservation

Caste reservation is the program to protect oppressed caste of India from caste discrimination. But its not true in today's time people don't believe in oppressed caste, time has changed but we haven't. Caste based reservation is the only reason for caste discrimination. If there would be no caste then there will be no caste based discrimination. Today caste based reservation is helpful for some but not for all. My friend belongs to OBC caste. When i asked my friend about caste reservation and also asked to discuss his views about caste reservation that whether it is right or not and what you think about it. He said that caste reservation in not right but if you are getting benefit you will not deny taking those benefits. So methods should be taken to quit caste reservation.

 In this post i will tell you the best method to remove caste reservation. By following this method we can remove caste reservation but firstly we have to discuss all the aspects that can be done for caste reservation in India. We know that all the reserved category people don't need caste reservation but some people in the reserved category needs it as there are still many people from reserved categories who don't have sufficient money and can't afford their children college or school fee and there are also some general category people who don't have sufficient money to educate their children. From here we came to know that this reservation is doing good to uplift backward section of the society but has failed. As all are not getting benefited from this. Many general category students who worked very hard to get seats in top colleges of India are not able to get seats due to to much competition and caste reservation. This is also giving rise to injustice. So the current method fails that caste reservation should be given to lower category people. Now our aim is to uplift the weaker section also and remove caste reservation and also does not affect general category people too. As there are still many villages where SCs, STs are treated badly due to their caste. In some villages if a lower category person demands for water from upper caste person they don't gives that person water which is very very bad. This happens to very very few areas of the country but this happens. To over come this lower category PEOPLE should have job and money then only they will be treated equally. And today 85% of the reserved category persons are having sufficient money and good jobs and still taking the benefit of reservation and taking the seats of general category students. From here result comes that reservation should be given on the financial basis but this will not work in India as there are many business man who earn lakhs of money but shows their income below 1 lakh that's why this type of reservation can't bring betterment to the society. Now the final solution to the problem is giving reservation to lower caste but there would be a rule that if any one in their family takes the benefit of reservation then their family tree will not be able to get more benefits of reservation.And at last this reservation will come to end whether after 50 years or 100 years but this caste reservation will come to END. 
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